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The Grammadon {here represents The 4-Crown Princes of Hell - Satan, Lucifer, Belial, Leviathan, and their elemental designations} super-imposed upon The Pentagram as symbolic of war & cursing. Enscribed upon the white Candle of Destruction.

The Power of The Wrath of The Will emminates outwards into the ether to release anger and hatred towards those who deserve it, and are justifiably punished for their offense. Also symbolic of Lex Talionis.
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This might be very useful tomorrow.
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Wasn't German National Socialism a predominantly Christian movement?
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The'grammadon', and eventual 'swaztika' also derives from the symbol of the 'black sun', a 'chaotic' symbol directed with intent, thus, an entropic insignia.

Placed with The Pentagram, it is useful for Cursing.

As an aside, in Buddhism, it is also symbolic of "buddha's heart", and can be seen in temple architecture.
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Stupid me, I neglected the pre-nazi aspect of the swastika. It was because of the resemblance to the Nazi flag that the German National Movement came to mind initially.
Like the cross and the so-called 'star of david' before it, its meaning has been obliterated by radical groups bent on conquest.

On a side note, I can see how the grammadon could be used in a ritual, as it can conjure a lot of anger and hate from a typical standpoint. But, for me, I avoid it all together because of my own stigma (coming from a partially Jewish heritage.)

"The Satanist must be both the Nazi and the Jew."
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This image is meant to portray an element of hatred to stimulate the Destruction Ritual, by accessing subconscious symbolism as a key to the emotions. The "grammadon" predates christianity, so in an historical sense, it represents elements of four.

The German National Movement initially utilized christian iconography, eventually modifying it towards propaganda to manipulate the minds of the masses unto a political agenda.

This is not necessarily meant to be a Nazi insignia per se, unless that particular aesthetic resonates with the psychology of the individual; and is devoid of racism.