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Immaculate Defecation

The smell of dung fills the air, nearby, a peasantly woman whimpers as she lays prostrate in the filth, others join her by her side and are shocked by the sight they behold - her false pregnancy yields a flattulent release of waste in the shape of an infant spawned of deceit and delusion - the essence of its being spilling forth for all to see.

{Fuck the baby jesus}

Follow the Pentagram...!

Black clouds over Bethlehem
Brought by demonwinds
Gates of Hell are opened up
Legions enter in

Woman screaming in the night
Howlings of the wolves
Baby born in piss and shit
Bloody messianic torn

{M A N G E R A P E...}

Fuck The baby jesus
Impaled with the cross
Unholy demon sacrament
Baptized blasphemic lust!

The lies of mary are exposed
Sacrifice false virgin whore
Upon The Altar of Lust!
Triple possession nubile flesh!
Filled with Devil's Ecstasy!
Cummunion Daemonseed!

Incestuous sacrilege
Forbidden gift reciprocate
Orgy of Damnation
Into Wombtomb insertion
Straight to Hell as Satan's slaves!

{M A N G E R A P E...}

Fuck the baby jesus
Impaled with the cross
Fuck the baby jesus
In the manger lost!
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TheRealNihilusKaide's avatar
Your fucking too awesome for this earth dude!
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Neurovore's avatar
My only complaint with this piece of work is that I wish it was a little bit larger, as the details are rather hard to see in this small picture.
DBlackthorne's avatar
It has been resized for greater visibility.
Neurovore's avatar
Ah, good...thank you.

Imagine the amount of reverence people would have for a turd if it was said to come from a religious figure such as a prophet or a saint.
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