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What is it?

I had recently written [link] an update about an offender who disappeared amidst rumors of insanity and death, now that it had come full circle, which reminded Me of another interesting incident which has also apparently come full circle as well.

Here I shall relate the story of one occultnik residing in a sort of 'flop house' with various other newagers in residence, which was located in Brisbane, Australia:

In about Year XXXI/XXXII A.S., a rather pretentious, if not obnoxious* individual of the neo-pagan persuasion**, who despite several warnings to cease and desist certain inappropriate activities against some personal interests, made the fatal mistake of under-estimation and most definitely disrespectfulness, earned a Satanic Curse. Beneath a full moon's glow, a libation was imperiously lifted to the sky, with a declaration of total destruction to befall this hairy little man down under.

Within a couple month's time, massive storms & flooding unseen in decades began repeatedly assailing his vicinity, to the point where it seems that he was quite literally "washed away" in the deluge.

[link] Extreme thunderstorm hits The Gabba in Brisbane 1998.
[link] Wollongong Floods. Report on nearby city along the 'gold coast' a few miles south from target.
[link] Timelapse of Brisbane Supercell. 10/13/98. An appropriate date sees The Devil's storm arriving near target area.

Not a wiry hair nor stinky hide has been heard of this character since, and again, good riddance! Hail Victory! HAIL SATAN. ∞

* Who at one point had the audacity to critique The Satanic Bible point by point at just about every other paragraph.
** As a matter of fact, he even looked like a "Merlin" type, with a mixture of a 'biker' appearance.
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It looks like this 500 pound guy I know who is so obese he can hardly move half the time. *shudder*