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Elemental Pentagrams

Here we see the manifestation of The Elemental Pentagrams of The Four-Crown Princes of Hell. Satan as Fire {The Will}, Lucifer as Air {Infernal Enlightenment, imagination and ingenuity}, Belial as The Black Earth {Logic and Reason}, and Leviathan as Water {The Raging Sea of Emotion, Passion, and Desire}.

Seasons in Hell

Upon some contemplation, it occurred to Me that the archetypal characteristics of The Four-Crown Princes of Hell also correspond with The Seasons, according to their elemental properties:

I. Season Satan: Summer.

* Elemental characteristic: Heat, fire.
* Color designation: Red, Yellow.
* Holiday/Sabbath: Serotonal Solstice.

II. Season Belial: Autumn.

* Elemental characteristic: Earth Harvest.
* Color designation: Black, Orange.
* Holiday/Sabbath: Autumnal Equinox, Halloween.

III. Season Lucifer: Winter.

* Elemental characteristic: Air, Cold, Ice.
* Color Designation: Silver, Grey.
* Holiday/Sabbath: Yule Solstice.

IV. Season Leviathan: Spring.

* Elemental characteristic: Rain / Water.
* Color designation: Green, Blue.
* Holiday/Sabbath: Walpurgisnacht, Vernal Equinox.

Each of course manifest and interrelate to greater and lesser degrees within the given period.

V. Self. Center. The All-one. The sentient being who corresponds and flows with Nature.

* Elemental characteristic: Flesh.
* Color designation: Purple {black flame}, personal colors of preference and resonance.
* High Holiday/Sabbath: Birthday.
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These are referring to their elemental designations as defined in The Satanic Bible.
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you realize that Satan and Lucifer are the same.....just differnt names for the same being.