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Tohka X Uchiha Male Reader Intro
The Reincarnated Uchiha----Intro
Your name is Y/N Uchiha. When you were 3 years old you witnessed the death of your parents by some unknown entity. Since your so young you couldn't handle the trauma and you instantly blacked out and passed out. Since then you were all alone, no one there for you, no one to laugh with, be sad with, not even an imaginary friend. For some reason, ordinary people looks at you in disgust, because of your eyes. When your parents died, you awakened a power that all people in your clan inherits, the Sharingan. For years, you have been working on the power of the most powerful dojutsu. You found mad scientist that could gice you the cells of the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju, and with his cells, you get a massive amount of Chakra, you'll have some regenerative abilites, you'll be able to recharge your Chakra faster, and you'll be able to preform wood release much easier. (Note that you don't have Hashirama's face on you body, nor his arm, all y
:icondbfan16:DBFan16 14 6
DXD: The Black Flames and The Phenex of Fire
Hey guys DBFan16 here!!! Back at it with once again another story of my OC Ukor. I will tell you guys this right now, I really love writing Ukor's character. Like his other counterpart, Roku, he is the most interesting character to write. He is a really high inspiration of Goku Black and Zamasu's persona's. But Ukor's personality has it's own twists that makes him much more different from Goku Black and Zamasu. Ukor is more of a person that likes teaching people a lesson, or when something clicks on his mind that makes him go wild, has to be that emotional for him. Remember, he is just like Roku, but more of a darker side to his character. He can sometimes appear emotionless, but always show's his emotions.
Anyways, Ravel is my favorite girl out of all of the Highschool DxD Girls. So I want to make a story about her in this story along with Ukor. I want to use her as a key to ease Ukor's evil morals, but how do they know each other?
Well, when Ukor was a kid, he w
:icondbfan16:DBFan16 3 0
Mature content
An Evil Confused Mindset- HDN BR :icondbfan16:DBFan16 2 0
An Evil Confused Mindset- HDN BR
So why am I making this story you ask? Well I was reading this story in DeviantArt, and I thought "Wow this is really interesting..!" So I decided that I should make my own version of it with my OC, Ukor AKA, Black Roku.
Now who is Ukor? Or Black Roku? Well he is basically Roku's darker version of his sadistic and dark personality, or at least the most dominant personality of "evil". His potential is much greater than Roku's by a slightly large margin. He can be very dark and cruel but deep within him he can still be a caring person. But you have to remember he's more dominant of being a dark personality. But Ukor is immensely more powerful than Roku, and whenever he fights and gets beaten, he power increases 4 times each time. But when he is caught off guard it can cause immense damage, but when he heals he won't be as easy to beat. Unless something deep that happens to him emotionally, his entire nature can change.
So what is this story abo
:icondbfan16:DBFan16 2 0
Mature content
(OC) Roku (Personality Switch) X Date a Live Part1 :icondbfan16:DBFan16 4 0
(OC) Black Roku Bio

Name: Black Roku, Dark Roku, Ukor (Roku backwards), Black Roky (Nickname by Uzume), Uky (Nickname by Uzume)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Age: 30 (Biologically) 16 (Physically)
Height: 5'9 1/2
Relatives: Roku (His half self), Reggeta (Brother)
Loves Affiliations: Uzume, Kurome (Uzume's half self), Rei Ryghts, Kurumi.
Transformations: Dark Kaioken, Dark SSJ, Dark SSJ2, Dark SSJ3, Dark SSJ4, Dark SSJG, SSJ Rose.
Aura Color: Violet Purplish color.
Occupations: Destroyer of Civilizations, Roku's Motivation, Roku's Rival.
Origin: Roku's sadistic nature was getting so out of control that Roku's darker self separated from Roku's body. Since Roku's darker self is separated from him, his powers were cut in half. Both are equal in power, but whenever they encounter each other Black Roku keeps becoming more powerful then Roku, to the point where Black Roku reaches the true Roku's full power.
Personality: Both Bla
:icondbfan16:DBFan16 3 0
(OC) Roku Bio
 Son Roku
Teen Roku

Adult Roku

Name: Roku, Son-Roku, Ro-kun (Nickname from Kurumi),Son-kun, 
Race: Half Saiyan, Half Kryptonian.
Gender: Male.
Age: 16. (Forever 16, nigh immortality.)
Blood Type: Z
Height: 5'9 ft.
Weight: 156 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown.
Eye Color: Dark Brown.
Love Affiliation: Kurumi Tokisaki,Tohka Yatogami, Natsumi, Ellen Mathers, Nepgear, Neptune, Noire, Uzume Tennouboshi.
Relatives: Robin (Father), Reyna (Mother), Reina (Sister), Ron (Brother), Ray (Brother), Reggeta (Brother) Shido Itsuka (Foster Brother), Kotori Itsuka (Foster Sister), Tatsuo Itsuka (Foster Father), Haruko Itsuka (Foster Mother). H
:icondbfan16:DBFan16 1 0


Cycling by HandsofMidaz Cycling :iconhandsofmidaz:HandsofMidaz 68 3 The Rabbit girl and the Tortoise(term26) by Ikemura-Hiroichi
Mature content
The Rabbit girl and the Tortoise(term26) :iconikemura-hiroichi:Ikemura-Hiroichi 101 6
mysterious heroine XX by Ryuu-Shuo mysterious heroine XX :iconryuu-shuo:Ryuu-Shuo 9 0 FGO by MyLovelyDevil FGO :iconmylovelydevil:MyLovelyDevil 91 4 Shuten Douji by Procsan Shuten Douji :iconprocsan:Procsan 10 5 Altria Archer by Procsan Altria Archer :iconprocsan:Procsan 32 5 Saber by mairren Saber :iconmairren:mairren 26 17 Sketch 366 - Flora and Felicia by MinaCream
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Sketch 366 - Flora and Felicia :iconminacream:MinaCream 185 2
Back by tonee89
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I know that there are a few people waiting for chapter 1 of Uchiha Male Reader X Tohka. People are excited for it, but it'll be a while to make Chapter 1. Not that it's hard it's pretty easy, but I have a lot of things to do in my real life outside the internet. I have been fairly busy, and since I don't usually write stories in this website, I mainly write stories in Wattpad, and I still barely update.

But don't worry, I have 35% of the chapter done, and I don't know when I'll be done. But I'll make sure to keep making journal updates to keep you guys informed.

Anyways, I hope you guys understand that I am a very bust person.


DBFan16's Profile Picture
Son Roku Itsuka
United States
I like making and reading crossover fan-fictions. I'ma learn how to make stories on this website so yea, I'ma have fun with this. If you guys wanna know how I write, go to my Wattpad profile and read my works there!!

My Wattpad:

I love anime, manga, comics, DC and Marvel, Archie Sonic and a lot of other stuff! I'm really not into yaoi though, yuri is debatable for me but I pass on that.

I freaking love music, my favorite genre's are- Rap, Drill, Dubstep, Rock, Scremo, and almost every single freaking music genre XD
I am an Spanish American (Dominican by the way) and I am 16 years old! Hope we can all be friends here!


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