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An emoticon version of my avatar! :excited:

I made it specifically for use on dAmn, since there's a lot of :wave:s out there, but none gentlemanly. :giggle:

All you dAmn users, enjoy! It's :tip-hat:. :D
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Brillantly done, my dear sir/madam. :tip-hat: 

Also, to the emoticon to work, you need to click "Add Media" and search "gentleman" on the search box. It's the second emoticon.
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why it no work?
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:tip-hat: I love this!
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:dummy: This piece has been featured in Volume 4 of Random Emote Awesomeness
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Yours has a walking stick!


mine is my emote lifting his hat :giggle:
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very good emoticon :clap: for :tip-hat:
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Aw thats really cute 8D

but when I type in :tip-hat: on DAmn I dont get that ^^;
I have to enter the thumb number instead 83

could you really do that in chat though? or are you supposed to do just enter thumb number anyway
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Yeah, that's cause they refused it! :cries:
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The :tip-hat: thing doesn't work, believe me, I've tried.
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the chat rooms, right?
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then yeah, it doesn't work.
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That's because I put it on my own dAx, not the chat itself. :D
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:heart:Aww, you look so cute!=^^=
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