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Edit four: Fuck yeah I'm revamping it as soon as I can. I hate this emote.

Edit again: Such an old deviation. :la: SHOULD I REVAMP IT? :la:

EDIT #2: COLOR SWAP! :lol:

Fixed a couple yucky glitches :D

Something random... :bucktooth: I like how it turned out, even if I didn't mean to make it :lol:

I used a new kind of emote, the "glossy" kind :D inspired by ~DaV1nc1
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um these r some gross 1's tbh: [EXO] Sexing Emoticon   Comedy sex Mistake    :sexplz:  :sex:  another sexplz  Vagina? YAY 
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Hello, you work was featured/used here [link] :happybounce:
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A quick note to let you know that this deviation has been featured in Volume 1 of The Emoticon Corner!

If you enjoy the article, please consider faving it so that others can discover the art and artists showcased.
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:happy-wave: .x. can I make this into a plz account?
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:wave: <- that should be replaced with yours :noes: :eager:
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Haha, thanks. I use ^CookiemagiK's, it rocks my socks. :iconohohoplz:
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OMG I so have to use this on my site!!!!!! Can I plz??!??!! THis is like super awesome!!! Plz get back to me and let me know. My website is and it'll be featured in the tiny im chat when you sign up as a member!!! OMG this is my fav!!!!!!
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Feel free, just link back here. :handshake:
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how would u use this emote? (typing wise)
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If you go into chatrooms, I think it's :happy-wave:. But you can't use it on the rest of dA cause it's not an official emote. Check this out for the list of the ones you CAN use. ;)
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aw, it's cute! :D
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Oh mah gawd I know you!
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EYE NO :noes:

That was a long time ago. :paranoid:
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Yes, yes it was. Just like when I flipped on =hsn2555 for saying I look young like a year ago. Then we met and he's an awesome artist and then he reminded me lol long story short I talk too much especially in run on sentences without taking breaths and now I'm gonna pass out on the floor kthxbainao.
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