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C. Elam's Invincible Alliance

:iconcelamowari: has been commenting on my work for a while now. I decided to return the favor by using his characters for warm up. So here is my interpretation of his INVINCIBLE ALLIANCE [link] characters! I was going for a pulp-y, serial movie vibe.

Click DOWNLOAD to see it in its full size glory! -->

:iconcelamowari: 's original designs can be found here:

Captain Satellite & Shelly Ericson [link]
Blue Behemoth [link]
Elektroid [link]
Ultimate American [link]
Drone Man [link]
Firegirl [link]
Volcano Monster [link]
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Nice job! Very slick looking!
i liked these characters so much that I checked his account out & I added him on Tom my watch list! I would love to see you Redraw somebody else’s characters! You did a great job here!
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I don't know what this is but I like it!
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Glorious work! I love the way you kept so faithfully to the spirit of all the characters. Just magnificent.
TBolt66's avatar
great bunch of characters!!
incogvito's avatar
Awesome. Totally awesome.
Gaston25's avatar
Oh man, this is great! Always love seeing new work from you.
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I love this so very much. You have definitely preserved the basics, but taken it off into fascinating and wonderful directions. I love that somehow my inspirations are even MORE evident here!

Also, you are the first person other than me to draw the entire team assembled! :D
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At first it was only the Captain & Shelley... then I got hooked on the team and the theme... and look where I ended up. This is a great group of characters that you've created.
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Man, thank you so much. I've really been enjoying your work in that vein, so that is high praise indeed. Many of mine date back 20 years or more in some form, so I've had a lot of time to think about them!
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