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Dragon Ball GT - Goten

Dragon Ball GT - Goten By ~Mikel-kun
Lineart By ~Ezio-anime
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Awwwww Goten is so cute :squee: *takes him home*
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How old is Goten in the GT series
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Depends, despite gt being non canon i don't know, he looks he's like 23 or something
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In the Boo saga he was 7; in the End of Z he was 17; and in GT he should be 22 (and 23 since there is a year timeskip in the middle if I remember correctly). In the original Japanese version, GT takes place 5 years after Z. In the FUNImation dub, it's 7 years later.
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I think 27. Because 7 in Buu saga, 17 years end of DBZ and 27 in DBGT.
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Yep, he is right, since the end of DBZ (Goten was 17) to DBGT, there's 10 years, so Goten was 27, but at end of GT he was 28.
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He looked older at the end of Z than at the end of gt XD
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one of the things i like the most of goten gt is his haircut
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I love Goten, but the only thing wrong with GT is that everyone wears their pants too high.
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wow awesome remaster! I'm guessing that is what your current project is :D
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too awesome! look forward to more of your project :D
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Gotta love thoes cloths!
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Why don't you make goten ss gt?
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awesome! i like the colours =)
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enserio que deven de sacar mas de goten en adolesente casi no tienen haha
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Como ya hemos dicho haremos todos los personajes en todas sus sagas estados aspectos y ropas.
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y tambie aran las faces de los juegos
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