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Liefde means Dearest in Dutch. I can just imagine Romeo here on the side sneaking a kiss from his blushing lil birb bride. I love the color of aqua blue in the background... it's one of my favorite colors.
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Almost correct... ;-) As a matter of fact "Liefde" means "Love" in Dutch, and "Dearest" in Dutch is "Geliefde" or "Liefste"...

But hey, the birds are okay and the message is clear.

I especially like the colors you used. They give me a joyful feeling .

Your pencil drawings are realy masterful too. Keep up the good work.

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lolol!!! Mijn man uit Groningen told me wrong! Thanks for letting me know! And thanks for the great comment. A wonderful way to start my day. xoxoxo

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Shame on 'die man uit Groningen', he should know better ;-)

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hahaha, I'm totally gonna wag my finger at him.... but chances are I totally misunderstood him. BTW, we did live in Zwolle for 6 years and I took Dutch lessons for 2 years. Alas, I am super rusty now.