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My Bio
Hello everyone.

I've been into fantasy and Sci-Fi art ever since I was a kid and try to get better at it. I've also found a love of wildlife photography ever since I got myself a DSLR camera. I'm not going to make any grand claims about my images being the best you'll ever see but if you like anything that you see here, then check out my website. On there you can download them to use as desktop wallpapers for your computer, absolutely free of charge.

Current Residence: UK
Favourite genre of music: Metal / Industrial
Favourite style of art: Fantasy/Sci Fi
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
Personal Quote: I'll live forever or die trying

Please feel free to look me up on facebook for more updates and info about what I'm doing



Favourite Visual Artist
Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo, Bob Eggleton, Jim Burns
Favourite Movies
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Metallica, Arch Enemy
Favourite Gaming Platform
My humble PC
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Painter, Canon cameras, rotring isograph pens, uni pin pens, pentel mechanical pencils
Other Interests
Art, web-comics, fantasy, Sci-Fi, Photography, Music
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So it's all in the title. After the last few months I've been some work in other areas, but I have managaed to do a small number of new comic strips. I will proroably start uploading things again in July. Stay well everyone.
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So by now I was looking at resuming uploads of By The Gods‭!‬,‭ ‬however,‭ ‬the outbreak of the COVID-19‭ ‬coronavirus has caused complication for us all.‭ ‬My situation is that I have a few elderly family members who for health concerns are staying indoors while I go out and do their shopping and paying their bills for them.‭ ‬This means that what little time I have is spent running around doing all that and not drawing or writing stuff.‭ ‬While I do have comic strips to upload,‭ ‬they are going to make more sense if I finish drawing the others th
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Yeah, so...I'm going to be quiet for a little bit longer. I am working, just not being very public about it. This includes By The Gods! and other bits, and you will get to see them in a few weeks.
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I love your egypt comics, keep it up:)

Another fascinating point about Medjed, he is the boss of Hapi (god of the annual flooding of the Nile).

And considering set once flooded egypt, I imagine laser eye god to be quite annoyed.

oh and heres hapi.


Behold god of smiting Medjed (AKA the bedsheet Ghost who shoots laser from his eyes)


Fanart of this god

Beware the Mighty Medjed
Hey Darren, Just wanted to say its great to see your work again. But I am curious: Are you going to be doing any more Paleo Art??? Your Paleo gallery is fantastic and I sure hope you will be doing more soon. Either way, keep up the great work.
I will be doing more paleo art, it will be appearing intermittently alongside fantasy illustration work over this year, and certainly next. Paleoart I'll be doing will be supporting prehistoric-wildlife.com, but not all of it will be appearing on deviantART.
The "By The Gods" series was tremendous, Darren; (Dua) Sekhmet and Anubis are my #1 favourite Ancient Egyptian deities by far. I would also like to tell you that I used to watch a Discovery Kids cartoon called Tutenstein, which is all about a mummified 10-year-old pharaoh who returned to life but ends up in a New York museum with a girl who studies Egyptian history and a lot of comedy and drama is involved with a plethora of Egyptian deities like Sobek, Ra, Horus, Set and Hathor (intended to have her name in bold for a good reason) as well. I just thought that BTG's humour value is right on par with the deities depicted in Tutenstein. If you have not watched it before, then I am sure that the episodes are on YouTube somewhere, in case you like to see it.