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Introduction & Goals!

The bridge is down and the roads are open granting you access into the Kingdom. Stay awhile, browse the stands, chat with your fellow Drudges or perhaps catch sight of a Chancellor on duty. But don't distract or you'll have a Regent pushing you to move along. This kingdom is unlike most, tho there are tall walls, many stands and carts to browse for goods and a sense of ruling to keep things in order; it has one thing others do not - YOU! Please take a look around and I'll sure you find something of interest in the town's market. While the goods are free; leaving a tip(comment or fav) for the merchants(artist) will surely help encourage them to offer new free goods. ;)

"We're a Kingdom that strives to gather and collect the various decorations and resources that are shared with you to use!"
Most are freely shared, but some will be a pay to use (p2u) resource. If you're work is not meant to be used free or p2u then it doesn't belong here.

Decorational pieces is one thing of focus you'll find here. These are images that are shared with you to use on your DA pages; profile, journal, group etc to decorate and give your page(s) a more personal look.

Resource pieces are the other main focus you'll be able to find here. These are things that are meant to be used as a tool in something you want to make. Such as a stamp border, an icon base for you to color in yourself, a texture pattern to apply to the background of your stamp, and many other things. Give our carts(gallery) a browse and see for yourself! =D

Visual aid; tutorials and examples is the final main focus that we hope to offer and have available for you!

Now even tho we do collect the stuff here, we do NOT speak on behalf of the permissions granted for each piece. You are expected to check and read the rules yourself beforehand to make sure you are respecting the artist by using it properly. If you are ever in doubt on what you can or can't do, just nicely ask! Better to ask and get some clarity than assume and use wrongly.

Just like most groups, rules laws are essential to help keep things as smooth and drama free as possible. We have tried to keep them short and simple. Please be sure to take a few moments to read them. Just click the thumb below to be directed to the blog.

Laws of the Kingdom!Rules? Here they are called Laws!
Like every other group that wants to uphold some sense of quality and standards, you gotta have a few laws laid down. For the time being since we are still new and haven't had much run in of trouble, I hope to be able to keep things short and simple. These are free to change at any time of course if we feel there is a need for it.  
NO drama. Be nice to everyone; members, visitors and admins.
NO advertising of any kind, anywhere at this group; especially not on the homepage/profile.  I will share hint that in the future we will have a feature box for our members to have a sorta advertising spotlight.
NO begging of any kind, anywhere at this group; especially not on the homepage/profile. This also refers to asking about points or llamas. It makes things ugly and gets annoying so please just don't do it here.
Do not reach out to personally note/message the Admins.  If you are having a p
If you should ever have a question, feel free to ask. We'd would much prefer if you asked in a comment the journal above OR :note: the group.

* Group Icon made by RaccoonRae

Thanks for Visiting! Have a Dazzling Day! ♥

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Useful Links~!

Here I've listed some quick links of things that I feel you might find useful to personalize your DA pages and/or to better your DA experience with some user-made scripts. =D These are just only a peak of what you can do. Be sure to browse our gallery for more~! If you are seeking something particular that isn't listed here and having trouble finding it, just ask and we'll do our best to help you find it. :meow:

Margin by ArbuzoweArchiwum
Margin by ArbuzoweArchiwum
Margin by ArbuzoweArchiwum
Margin by ArbuzoweArchiwum
Margin by ArbuzoweArchiwum

Coming Soon!


Please take some time and give our affiliates neighbors a visit. =D You might see something else you like that we don't have or something completely different to us but yet useful to you. :aww:

We are Always OPEN for new Neighbors! :dummy:

» Please use discretion when sending requests as we reserve the right to accept/reject as we see fit.
» Adoptable groups must have a specific focus to be accepted.
» Your group must have an icon and some info on the homepage. If either is blank, it won't be accepted.

Please respect that this is not your page thus we'd like to keep this page clean. Comments are accepted of course; but Spam and Advertising is NOT wanted.

Examples of things NOT wanted ::
» No Begging; points, llamas, favs etc.
» No Advertising.

*** Once we get our Member Features open, you'll be able to note the group to see about getting added.



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