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Spring Contrast Action

Save File
Open Photoshop actions palette
Click arrow, top right of palette
Load Action

Note: I've found better results with yellower/sunnier photos ie. like the preview :)
Fav is always appreciated if you download :)
Rules are in my journal
Tell me if you use them cause i'd love to see how they turned out! :D
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Beautiful <3
But; i'm just wondering, how'd you make the blue/dull side?
Thanks a lot...Very nice Awesome!!!
I used it here [link] ... I love it.
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this is just what i needed but it's for Photoshop! D:
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Oh your kidding! What program do you use?
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GIMP . i'm too poor for photoshop :xD:

i actually shed a couple tears when i saw it was for PhotoShop. i was like....that SUCKS! xD
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Oooh! Man, I have been missing sooo much being away from DA. I LOVE THIS!!! I'll be using it in the future, trust me. >.< :hug:
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Thanks :D I'm really glad you like it. Can i ask why you've been away from DA? :)
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It's in my journal. This past year I have been house-hunting in a very competitive market here in Atlanta, GA, USA, and having to get squared-away with this house because they are running a road through my community, so the county is buying my home. They close Tues and I'll have only month to live here... just been so busy and have not had a creative inkling at all. ~sigh~ Once I get moved and get my office setup, that will all change.
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beautiful! hate how im the first to comment though
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ah i guess your just lucky lol :) Thanks
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