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Dazzle Effects 4

Save File
Open Photoshop actions palette
Click arrow, top right of palette
Load Action

Fav is always appreciated if you download :)
Rules are in my journal
Tell me if you use them cause i'd love to see how they turned out! :D
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You are so cute love your creations :)
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~..thank you for sharing..
S-E-A-S-H-O-R-E-S's avatar
1 n 3 are just so great!
when i go to download the file it open a blank page. what should I do to get the action in photo shop when its doing this?
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Amazing! thank you
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Thanks for sharing!
Love these! Thank you so much!
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WOW, great actions :)

carried in Cruzine: [link]
i LOVE your work! Thank you so so so much for sharing! You're amazing :)
thanks for sharing,
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by far the best ones i've seen =D
Thanks a lot...Very nice Awesome!!! [link]
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where i can dowbload plug-in PS
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Thank you for posting these actions :) very pretty :)
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CAn you do it somehow on PSP?
I want to try it!
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sorry i dont think i can :(
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reaaly pretty !
kisses-from-an-angel's avatar
Brilliant effects! :)
I love them :D

Used it here and here. :heart:
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Looks almost like a camera filter, looks cool though :D
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