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Deviation Actions

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*Link and credit me to the finished picture.

* I dont want my stock used in prints, without my permission.

*Tell Me if you have used my stock via a note, or comment on the original picture, and give me the link so i can see it.

*Do not use my photos outside of Deviant art, without my permission.

*No redistributing any of my images in any way, nor claim them as you own.

*Do not use my photos in any pornographic ways.

*Do not submit my stock as your own art if all you have done is minor tweaks ie. Changing the Contrast, Hue/Saturation etc.
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Hi, I was wondering if I could use one of your stocks (not quite sure which one, at the moment) for the cover of a novel I'm working on. If you could reply soon with an answer it'd be much appreciated :D.
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Now that the challenge is finished on DA, I will put it in my galleries on my favourite sites. I will post all links as I get them. Here is the link to the ImagineFX page. Thanks again!
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err, I forgot how to get the links working. Sure it was simple last time!! Here is the copy/paste version - [link]
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Thanks for the great ref. Here is the link to my painting here on DA. [link]
I'm doing a Bachelor of science in computing and digital media, at Flinders University in South Australia. I came across one of your pictures and I was wondering if you would grant me permission to use one of your photos in my project.
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Hi remember (in the previous posts here) i wanted to use your stock? I credited you and here is the work i did
i used it here [link]
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Hi there.
If it is okay with you, I would love to use one of your images called "spirit" as reference for a painting I am doing for the DA/Wacom challenge "Good Vs. Evil". I would post it on DA, my own website and a few of the regular art sites I visit with all links to you of course. If I won though, I would have no control of what sites or places the image might be posted by Wacom or the sponsers.

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i was wondering if i could use some of ur pictures as refrence for some drawings i am doing. I will credit u and upload it to DA for u to see. ^^
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I was wondering if you would mind if I submitted this picture (which I used your stock in) as a print on DA only? Thanks :)

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Hi, may I please have the permission to use the "widow" for the April contest on psd-tutorials.de? (left a WIP at the stocks comments)

Nothing to win there, its just for fun, I will credit your stock and upload the finished work to DA.

Thank you!
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think i willl wait for your permission thank you
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just read you may be going to bali( hope you enjoy) i know its outside deviant just hope you dont mind and will give me your permission and you like it if not it is easy removable many thanks and best wishes...................Martin
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hi i have a fairytale photomanip and would like your permission to use this on my redbubble site which is [link] full credit and link back to your site would be on the pic any sale you would be told of this right away if you would rather it not be for sale then its okay just for my portfolio.best wishes martin
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hi can i use it for the dA's latest contest please:? i WILL credit you:nod: please:? can i submit it:? i will link it back to you when i submit it ok?
oh i wanted to use your this stock [link]
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Sure thats fine :)
phoenixleo's avatar
phoenixleo's avatar
or probably this one :giggle: i will link you back. i am confused which one to use :shy: both are fabulous :nod:
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Hi, I was wondering if I could use your stock for my final project for one of my classes. We'll be making prints of them, but it won't be commercially used at all. Thank you!
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Hello, i used your stock here:

It´s outside Devian but nobody can upload any of my images (photos).
I will like to know, may i have the Permision?
otherwise i will delete the manipulation from my page.
Many greetings.
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yeah no worries :)
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