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[DL] Trixie Lulamoon EQG

So here it is! 

The first ever release with the new PC!
Sorry if the preview isn't anything big since I haven't used SFM in ages now. Also I'm a bit rusty on Photoshop and Blender. With time I'll step up the game now.
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love what u did with the great and powerful trixie
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can this model accepts $Irisframe?
and also i found out that her legs aren't equal with her hooves(front legs)
when i load her meaning in default form(standing pose)
is this intentional? if not, please fix T^T
but yeah great work :3
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Gotta say she cleans up pretty well.
I'm also interested in the grass, is that part of the map or its own model? I'm always in constant search for more variations of grass and this one looks twice as seamless as the one I'm using.
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very good job m8
TaishoBee's avatar
I don't like humanized ponies, so the pony version of this made my day!
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if you listen closely you can hear yaasho going HNGGGGGG at this moment :^)
GreenMint4265's avatar
Ohh! She looks perfect! Awesome Job, Dazzion! :D ^^
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Best !
I love Trixie and she look very pretty like this <3
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