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[DL] Scientific Twilight Sparkle - V1 - Hydrogen




EDIT : Now available on PonySFM website!


Phew! Took me along freaking time to make this! This was result of help of many people that i couldn't thank enough about.
Well here it goes, my first blender model, i know it needs an tweak here and there, but i hope V2 might be better than this.


Laboratory Coat by Texas-Doughnut 
Pony Glasses damixk
Pony Base Poninnahka 
Special Thanks

For his constant , determination, and for helping me on this course! He also taught another way to rig the model, without him it wouldn't be possible!

For attempting his, best on helping explaining by text (spoiler alert its tough to do that) and , also helping some details regarding blender.

For giving simple and direct clarifications on my silliest questions i had. Keep it up. And also for being direct , and  trying to hold the subject, and avoiding random talks, also for creating along with Molly this beautiful Laboratory Coat.

For giving a good clarification and reference for the jigglebones, also your OC is there , somewhere, hiding...

For reminding, silly DazzioN , that there is smoothing.. I still think it looks minecraftish... Maybe V2 might be better.

For helping at begginging the jigglebone moving issue part. Without you, they could even continue dancing until now!

Thank you all, for helping me and reaching this achievement! I still have work to do but, atleast i did something useful!

Thank you all for support

And thank you that you still reading this. (If you read all description :3)
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Dear DazzioN User Can You Make Pixel Pizzaz And Violet EQG Ponified SFM Model Because I Plan Of My Season 2 Brony Tale Can You Make It From Me Into Ponysfm From Isaiah100204

Violet Blurr as a pony
Pixel Pizzaz as a pony