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[DL | SFM/GMOD ] Hazmat Twilight Sparkle

I had this on my HDD for months now. I never had the urge to fix and upload it.
Here it goes!

Thanks to staffie for making the glasses.

Anyway back to work. I can't wait to make Non-mlp models.

Package includes:
 - Radiation Suit
 - Wings
 - Boots
 - Gloves
 - Glasses

This model is available on:
 - Garry's Mod
 - Source Filmmaker
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Hi i just wondering how i can make a oc enhanced pony ? 
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"It's time. Into the test chamber."
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Can I recolor it to Yellow?? I'll give ya credit for the model , I just need it yellow xDD
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Sure, go ahead.
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It's for a picture right?
MoonDrop19's avatar
Ye, a picture or maybe my animation I'm working on, that's a maybe though
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I got a good idea to make with this xD nice model 
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Needs a hood with filter, just to be safe, those elements can be a hazard.
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no helmet or mask? mmh, i suppose the princess of bo- **cough** friendship is at risk of breathing in toxic fumes.
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Let her die from radiation
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Awesome! Nicely done Dazz!
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So the wings are separate or are they a bodygroup to enable?
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Let's get chemical.
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