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[DL] Hepburn Rarity - Version One


Fun fact: I finished this model exactly the same day, that i released Scientific Twilight Sparkle


I know this model is broken weightpaint wise, but still it is "okay" enough so y'all can use it. I'll update again sooner. (Weightpaint wise)


Enhanced Pony Base JuiceDane 
Pony Base Poninnahka 
Special Thanks
JDash42 - Assistance on weightpainting
Dracagon - Assistance on compiling on Enhanced models
Stefano96 - Assistance on compiling on Enhanced models
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hi dude, i was questioning, How to pose the eyebrows without posing the eyes? Because i use it on gmod
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The link is broken, I believe this one is correct:…
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Now we need a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" movie poster recreated with Rarity and Opal.
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Good video. I really need to fix the jiggles. For some reason it looks weird.
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Porn in 3...2...1...
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Ok I won't then :(
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You can do whatever you want. This is a public model made by me. Everyone can do whatever they want with it. (Obviously no repost) but you get the idea. So if you have kinky NSFW plans, go for it lmao
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The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain, doesn't it, Rarity?
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I could help with weightpainting if you want.
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