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[BETA][DL] Pear Butter



I'm not satisfied with the model so I'll name it as a BETA so people can use it for now and then in the future i'll remake it possibly.

Thanks to JDash42 and Stefano96 
EDIT: Thanks to EddigitalCola for warning me for having incorrect title on the deviantion page
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Whats to Critique? Im too nervicited to even come up anything to critisize , really, this is amazing Dazzion. Ive used a couple models from you already and will remain impressed by the effort you put into them.

Now i can an SFM out of that song she sung in the episode. Seriously, good job on this. Btw, i have some skins i downloaded but im not sure what to do with them. I just copy them into the model's folder dont i?

Anyway,you just keep being awesome and keep up with the amazing work alright?
Have a good day alright?