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[BETA][DL] Pear Butter

I'm not satisfied with the model so I'll name it as a BETA so people can use it for now and then in the future i'll remake it possibly.

Thanks to JDash42 and Stefano96 
EDIT: Thanks to EddigitalCola for warning me for having incorrect title on the deviantion page
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
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:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Whats to Critique? Im too nervicited to even come up anything to critisize , really, this is amazing Dazzion. Ive used a couple models from you already and will remain impressed by the effort you put into them.

Now i can an SFM out of that song she sung in the episode. Seriously, good job on this. Btw, i have some skins i downloaded but im not sure what to do with them. I just copy them into the model's folder dont i?

Anyway,you just keep being awesome and keep up with the amazing work alright?
Have a good day alright?
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Is this on the Steam Workshop?
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Hey could I use the mane and tail in my Fallout 4 mod? I'm the creator of the Mane and Tail addon for Crimes Against Nature. I'd basically be making this mane and tail available for characters in Fallout 4, and you would be credited in the description with a link to your page, of course.
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Sure, go ahead.
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I knew this model would come soon. Now to wait for Bright mac.
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now we just need Bright mac and Grandpear and we'll have the full set... maybe throw Burnt oak in there for good measure! great work. keep it up!  
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Ever heard of beating a dead horse? Well, this is modeling a dead horse! :iconrimshotplz:
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plot twist neither of them are dead they are just piloting grandpear's old ship the uss Enterprise after all grandpear is voiced by William shatner and shatner=captain kirk so logically grandpear had a shuttlecraft to the ship in his barn or something while the ship stayed in orbit and when the time came they took the shuttle into orbit to continue the old captain's legacy of exploration(not the other legacy of bang all the hot alien chicks) never to return planetside in equestria but only on strange new worlds to seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where nopony has gone before
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So you DO want a time-out.
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What a dark turn lol
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Omg she looks so cute!
I can't wat til there's a Bright Mac model now, I am SO going to use those two!
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I actually already finished Bright Mac. Only reason i didn't upload it yet is because i'm unhappy with it
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Aw, alright. Well, take your time with it until you really are happy then! I sure can't wait to see it tho! Happy 
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Hey DazzioN I got a question about something. How come no one hasn't done a Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger before? I sort of notice that when a new character is out they make that character for gmod and SFM immediately?
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I thought because it was difficult to figure out how Vapor Trails mane worked.
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Disregard the other guy. A modeler is free to do as they want. If they wanna take on a commission, they can. And they can as well refund said commission if they then feel that they cannot do it or if you've managed to aggravate them somehow. Doubt you would.
Even requesting a cannon character can be considered and/or by any modeler, in fact asking for specific characters shows that some people have an interest in said character. Who knows? They might just do it.
That being said, those who live off of commissions generally need money to.. y'know. Live. So they are seemingly sometimes less likely to prioritize a free model over a paid one. Sometimes even they will do a cannon character to bring attention to their business.
There is no harm in asking a modeler a question as long as you are patient and friendly about it.

Like a normal human being, I desire to relay this information in a more friendly manner as opposed some other users found on this site.
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That's was I was trying to do...I wasn't demanding anything, I was trying to an answer for my question cause I was only curious. Omg now I feel like I started something unintentional. 
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