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SpongeBob Ryu

My Sponge Fighter pic has been getting a few hits so I thought I would put up the character sheets.
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Nickelodeon actually stole this and used this in the Super Brawl games.

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Dude, that looks BADASS!:D:XD:
KeeBlaydMastr's avatar :O EPIC!!
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Mr. Krabs - E.Honda
Larry - Dee Jay
Sheen (Jimmy Neutron) - Adon
Carl (Jimmy Neutron) - Hugo

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The funny thing is that in Super Brawl 2, Classic Spongebob's design is the same a Ryu and so are his finishing moves.
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Awesome, this is so cool! I love it. I love the pose, your uses of colours, everything. Well done!
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Awesome! Love the pose and his POWA!!! xD

Just so you know a user claimed this work as hers...typical art theives ---> [link]
Spongygirl92's avatar
It's cool, she deleted the work.
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Love it. I especially love the effects uses for the hadouken
Nickelodeon Vs Capcom. I like to see that :D
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SpongeBob attack!
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Wow! well done !
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Wow! :)
what... shoes?!
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