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Jason Momoa's Aquaman. Love this new look for the movies and wanted to do a comicbook cover with him.
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Arthur is talking to the fish!
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I want this is a poster.
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I wish that Aquaman was not at the butt of so many jokes.  The man is a king, a leader, a teammate and a friend.  Injustice showed how awesome the man could be and his appearance in BvS was so cool.  This is the type of Aquaman that you don't mess with.  Good job
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Looks like Jason Momoa`s Aquaman is gonna change that.  
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I highly agree even though I'm one of the few who loved BvS
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I know shocking.
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What makes it so shocking? Just curious
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Alot of people of know didnt like the movie. But hopefully the Justice League will be different.
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I want this as a poster! lol
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Yes...hell yes. With luck, Jason Momoa will challenge the misconception of Aquaman being a rubbish character.
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Well he is the king of the ocean and his new look makes him look like a sea-god.
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Hhhhhhhhhh.. *spazzes*
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Awesome。love it
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You know when I heard Aquaman was getting the "furious 7 director" I first thought that the Justice League would be called Furious 7(Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter

Green Lantern isHal Jordan, and then in later films John Stewart. I imagine John would be a supporting character for the first 1 or 2 films and then in either the second or third, the Legion of Doom comes in. Scarecrow hits Hal Jordan with his fear toxin,and Hal's ring abandons him since Green Lantern's are only given to those who can overcome great fear. Batman manages to save the Ring, and later on they find that none of the League members can wield it until John tries and he becomes the new Green Lantern

I lie Cyborg, just as a Teen Titan and not as a League member, I imagine the first film would have the League battle Darkseid. Superman and Batan would find Martian Manhunter imprisoned by Cadmus, after he cam to earth to try and warn them about Darkseid. Manhunter then joins the League and then later we'll get a movie with Dick Grayson and the Teen Titans roster from the Tv show, including Cyborg.
If he was hit with fear gas after it wore off he would get his ring back, a better way to go about it would be after John showed his proficiency the guardians give him a ring of his own, and the following green lantern film would be a buddy cop movie in space.
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I guess that makes sense. I'm kinda thinking of Alex Ross's Justice, where the League battles the Legion of Doom and John Stewart ends up getting the Ring for a brief moment.
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Awesome pic. So badass. Jason totally Rocks.
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This appearance needs to be a cannon!!!
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