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Gallery Folders

Orc by Teufelseinhorn
Leafy Beauty too by Teufelseinhorn
Out Of Work Barbarian ... by Rauko001
The Queen by Slofkosky
3 - Alexa X Ruby - Ink Steel and Love by Angelblade69
Roth in Repose by luck-be

Mature Content

A Mother's Protection by Hexdrake
Weekly Quickie: 'Connie M.' by roguekoii
Uncontained by luck-be
My recreation of Cullen by christine13black
TnT: Give me a hug, Tad ! by ElectricVentures
Theo by Fae3D
L4N4 undercover by Teufelseinhorn
Restless by hosscsw
King of the Lion Court by Fae3D
Lonely Elephant by Fae3D
Deploy Katees #2 by Janus3003
Team B (Part 4 of 10) by Slofkosky
Team B (Part 5 of 10) by Slofkosky
Vixen fistfighting Catwoman to the DEATH by RyonaStudios
Promo Art
Deathstrike for Genesis 8 male - Promo by Something-Wycked
VCP - Promo Club Edition - Ae-Cha G8F (6of6) by vArtic3D
Victorian Lalaine by flower-angel
FM - GothZ - GShortZ n GBoot2 for G8M - Cisco Fits by Kaos3d
Freebie - SmidA - Smooth Skin by SmidA460
Boa Hancock for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female by MeradeDAZ
Freebie - SmidA - OldManGrey by SmidA460
Primrose Egypt for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female by MeradeDAZ
Mature Content - NSFW

Mature Content

Rhoswen by peterchu69

Mature Content

Alcina Dimitrescu by AnaKarin

Mature Content

Getting ready by Chase81

Mature Content

Latexgirl 21 by pooh-1968
Tutorial- V4/M4 AutoFit for Genesis 8 by mekheke
How to Fix Genesis 8 loading with wrong morph by CheckerToo
How To Convert Any Genesis Characters Into G8 by mekheke
Using KitBash3D Models in DAZ Studio by PeggyWalters
Goblinized librarians, test by Posyomismo

Mature Content

Erica Face Test comparative by Posyomismo
Product Placement multi test by Posyomismo
Old Yasmina vs New Yasmina by mekheke
Every Woman by Teufelseinhorn
ARCHIVE Female 2
Irene by PGandara
ARCHIVE Female 3

Mature Content

All Bow v1.0 by kmcbriarty
ARCHIVE Female 4

Mature Content

180901 hello by zniman
ARCHIVE Female 5
Monochrome Blue by SmidA460
ARCHIVE Female 6

Mature Content

Candice Vixen CHALLENGE ME ! by DreamCandice
ARCHIVE Female 7
Street Fashion dForce outfit for G8F by fefecoolye by DigitalDollsMedia
After a long night! (Iray-Version) by Edheldil3D
Indoor Game by Acue













Submission rules

Nudity is allowed as long as it's not porn AND as long as it's about adult. Child or under 18 Teen nudity can not be accepted.
No boobs bigger than head
No Penis bigger than hand
Advertising and promo art is allowed but ONLY in the specific folder ("Promo Art")
There is no real rule about the number of submission per day/week so feel free to upload more than one. That being said, if you submit 12 times the same image (or almost the same image) they won't be all accepted.

If rules are not followed, images will be refused, as simple as that.

Most important, have fun and create the best render you can :)
Lately there have been quite a lot more submissions that are "Watchers only", which have been rejected.
Since this groups goal is to share art with all its group members and all deviants that watch this group, i would ask you that, in this spirit, you only submit art that can be seen by all these people.
Watchers only submissions or paid content, even though the later has not happened yet as far as i am aware, will continue to be rejected.
If i miss some Watchers only images, can happen from time to time with deviants i watch, i would please ask you to send me a note.
I don't use this group to link to my own art very often (well, never), but right now i'm holding a small raffle to give away three fine art prints of the winners choosing from my gallery.
I wanted to promote the raffle a bit more here and hope some of you would like to take part.
Or, if you would be so kind, share it with others who might want to take part in it :)
Lately i've been struggeling with which explicit images to allow for the regular gallery folders and which to reject, especially if there were visible shots of touching genitals and other imagery.

To make decision making easier and to make sure everyone can watch what they want to see, i've created a Mature Content - NSFW folder and would ask all of you to submit images with mature content to this folder from now on.

If there are any questions, suggestions or comments, i'd be glad to hear them all :)
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Daz Studio from Daz3D now has an AMAZING Iray renderer so let's spotlight our best images in this group !
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