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Rebel Cathryne with prisoner



By the time the flames died down on Lord Vader's funeral pyre, music was drifting though the forest, down from the Ewok village and the rebel encampment coalescing in the vicinity. Luke Skywalker announced to the two imperials, who had assisted with building the pyre, that now he wished to go and join his friends who were celebrating their victory. 'I'll keep your blaster, but I'll let you go. If you want to be reunited with your own friends the best thing you can probably do is surrender to the first rebel you come across. If your friends still live, they will be in our custody by now.'

Scout trooper corporal Karl Vambrace reiterated the fact that he hadn't ever actually surrendered but Commander Cathryne Arba hushed him and promised Luke that they would do as he said. When the trooper grudgingly assented, and suffered himself to be disarmed, they parted ways. The officer and the trooper walked a little way through the dark forest, in subdued mood, albeit glad to be together again. It was hard going on foot, and the visibility was poor. They almost stumbled across the body in the undergrowth, a casualty of the fighting, a female rebel trooper. 'Wakey, wakey, rebel...' Karl nudged the body with his boot. 'We surrender', he added in a low voice with a sardonic edge. 'Stop it.' Catherine said disapprovinly. She knealt down to inspect her lifeless counterpart, confirming. 'She's dead...'

'Unfortunate for her. Still, we've kept our word, and she don't seem interested in arresting us...' 'You seem to be thinking what I'm thinking,' Cathryne said, taking up the fallen rebel's pistol. 'Stick em up...'

'Now here's a rebel I could surrender to...'

... And so when they approached the bunker Cathryne was in disguise as a rebel alliance soldier, and Karl was pretending to be her prisoner, walking with his head down and his hand behind his helmeted head. Cathryne hailed the rebel guards keeping watch near the door. 'Hello! We've got another imp POW, he surrendered after having his speeder destroyed by one of our vanguard patrols. Shall I leave him with you or shall I take him down to the detention block myself?'

'Not POWs, DECs.'


'Disarmed Enemy Combatants,' the bearded guard said. 'That's what we're calling them now, apparently. You're a new face around here, who are you?' 'Of course. Corporal Cassy Ithwen, I'm seconded with rebel intelligence, they want the prisoners from the imperial garrison all in one place, so they can process them, before we feed them to the ewoks.' The two guards laughed. 'Crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle,' one said, regarding the trooper's armour.

' Better supply some can-openers', said the other. Ok, take this DEC down. The detention block for Delicious Ewok Cuisine is on level 2. We've got to stay sentry duty out here.' 'Hopefully it won't take me long to find, I might get to the party before it finishes.' 'Must be nice, we'll be stuck out here all night,' said the first guard before informing her of the route to the detention block. 'I've got his weapon, too, shall I leave that with you?'

'Hand it over to the droid in the quarter master's office on level 1. There's a safe where all captured weapons are being locked up prior to decommission.'

'Good to know. Thanks for your help.' ___ Next in sequence:

Cathryne infiltrates
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