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BtJ 3.27 Company

Grim figures approached the table. 'Well well, look what we have here,' the lead one hissed. 'The hatchling I brought in before, and the wayward Imperial who made off with Master Jabba's property.'
Heidi groaned, recognising the hateful reptilian visage of the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk. He and his companions all had blasters drawn.
'What can we do for you fine gentlemen?' Spen asked. 'Are you having a drink?'
'No, we are not thirsty.' Bossk raised his blaster, aiming between Spen's eyes. 'What you can do, Commander, is die!'
'Wait!' exclaimed Irax. 'This is unwise, it's too public when he wears that uniform. There is an alley out the back where disappearances attract less attention.' He shot a hostile glance Spen's way. 'And a connected sewer perfect for disposing of ... the sort of thing that sewers are intended for disposing of.'
'We should kill him here, right now,' the gnarly-faced Sriluurian at Bossk's side grunted, impatiently. 
'Up to you, Bounty Hunter' Irax said to Bossk, and raided his hands in resignation. 'But kill an officer of the Empire so publicly, and before we know it this whole planet will be overflowing with Imperial effluence. I don't think Master Jabba would be very happy about that.'
    'The Empire will come after you regardless!' Heidi blurted. 'Spare him, please! I will go back with you willingly if you let him go free.'
    'Spare us your pleading, Schutta,' Bossk sneered. 'Save it for the rancor.'



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BtJ 3.28 Jess Dances by dazinbane
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Heidi back in the collar

Dazinbane, hello, will there be a continuation of your story about the adventures on the theme of Star Wars and about the rescue of a soldier girl from the imperial army Catheryne?

Time to bring back the Rancors food finally!!

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:no: I've got a bad feeling about this...

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Yes!!! Heidi belongs to Jabba!