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Spikes birthday comic

OSIDUHFOAIERG!!!!....first of really really really! sorry this took me so dam long to do :iconveilsixclaw: but here we are!....BAHHHHH!!! just noticed a frigging mistake >< spikes skin color changes when rainbow dash jumps in ><;;; sorry I'll fix that later.

all characters in this comic belong to hasbro
art to :icondazcraft87:
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Please get the second part of it. that's awensome man!

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Spike: *struggles but he succeeds and runs away from Rainbow Dash* You'll never catch me!!!

Hey bro. I was wondering if I could get your permission to make a fan fiction out of this awesome comic. I won’t if you don’t want me to of course.

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I dont see why not go for it.

Thanks man. I promise you won’t regret it.

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i come back here after 6 years because now we can make dubbing for this using 15. ai website

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this is great! make more comics with foot lick, tongue massage, footstool

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Geez Rainbow Dash, YOU are ruthless.. and I fucking love it!💜

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Spike: "Best. Birthday. Ever."
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dirt is spikes favorite flavor. lol
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😍😍 And the characters are older in this picture folks.

Looks like pedophilia

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I mean, if you are going to call everything pedophilia you sound like a weirdo.

I suggest you to go hit your head against a wall or anything hard, maybe your brain will start working like a normal person.

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Will be part 2 of this comic ? And what RD makes with Spike's head in the penultimate frame ?
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best birthday ever 
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Just looking at this makes me wanna....🤢🤮
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So why are you looking?

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I wish there's a part 2 of this comic
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Is there going to be another part?
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Why is he green at the end?
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