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Young Justice Meme



This took SO LONG. Yay! I am finally done! :party:

For anyone that even cares...

1. How can u not LOVE this little troll!? He works with Papa Bats and has super rad hacker and martial arts skills. :love: Sorry about the picture looking like crap. This was drawn months ago before I even had a DA account or had really gotten better a chibi stuff.
2. (I love this picture) Like at first sight, even if I didn't approve of her flirting with Superboy. The moment she was introduced a smelled the love/hate relationship thing coming from a mile away (I think we all did, it's a cliche). I don't see why everyone calls her a b*tch. She's headstrong and doesn't take anyone else's crap. She's also sometimes insecure about not fitting in because of her background, so, yeah she's got problems, too. I feel her actions can be justified and just LOVE THIS CHICK! :love: :blahblah:
3. Yeah, i explained this...
4. I got so mad when I realized I had forgotten to add the "ninja boyfriend" quote (which really is probably my favorite ;p) after i had spent FOREVER and a half trying to get Zatanna right (her hair is way more difficult than one may think :|). Chalant forever! :XD:
5.:XD: I just love to annoy Artemis, don't I? Again, I LOVE the whole love/hate relationship thing (at first i was like 'kid flash is a complete toolbox' but then he proved his awesomeness). SPITFIRE FOREVER! :squee:
6. Yeah, I feel like I don't really need to explain this one... I am really big on cannon.
7. I absolute SUCK at superhero names. Maybe I should just go with Illusion? Whatever. I really think my powers match my personality :XD:. Hey! Maybe Robin could give me some combat lessons :love:! Or Black Canary can, she's cool, too (just not adorable like Robin ;p).
8. I got really annoyed with drawing everything out :bored:. Yeah, explanation's right there.
9. He annoys the heck out of me, and that's what makes him a fun villain :giggle:. He's entertaining, but still SUPER IRRITATING.
10. Self- explanatory :D
11. If u read that huge mass of text u would know the explanation's right there.
12. Tag! You're it! ;p

Please comment. Critics welcome but no bashing :stinkeye:, please don't be stupid. So...byes! :hooray:
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