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Paper Ponyville-Finished

My entry for the Equestiran Model competition.

House templates: [link]

Edit: scale and layout adjusted so I can submit it properly.
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Looks awesome! :D I know where you can get a Sugarcube Corner papercraft model.
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could you make templates for the windmill and town hall please C:
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I could probably post the windmill if I can find the files, it was a while ago, so I might have to dig a bit next time I'm on my old computer.
I could post what I had for the town hall, but I had to make up a lot of the pieces, I just cut them out of a solid brown sheet so I don't really remember how I made most of them.
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me encanta siempre abia buscado esto per me gustaria que isieras los demas edificios
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there was never a doubt in my mind you'd win something :D
Congrats! It really did come out looking great.
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This is excellent! I've been wishing I could find some papercraft scenery for my blindbags to live in. This will do the trick! I know the contest is over, but I hope you consider adding even more buildings!
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I believe congratulations are in order for your winners place in the EQD contest!
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omg i want!!! nice job! i was looking for reference pictures for trixies stage and found this. SO AWESOME!
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Turned out incredible! Great work
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frozenpyro71's avatar
Brilliant! so much detail has gone into this project. I think we have right here a contender for winner.
x3sasuke's avatar
this is sooo adorable :D
catz537's avatar
whoa that's awesome.
JDodsworth93's avatar
Wow! That's really good! Hope it doesn't rain :P Good luck!
Dazed-and-Wandering's avatar
It's actually in my closet right now, I just put it outside because my house has pretty crappy lighting.
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Aww, that's a very nice replica. :) I'm pretty sure this is one delicate project, which will be perfect for any convention to look at, now we need are the tiny pony toys.
Dazed-and-Wandering's avatar
Yeah, I heard the Calgary bronies group had a table at otafest. I've been meaning to get in contact with them, I could see just leaving this on the corner of the table, stick some blindbag figures in there.
Would look neato.
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Well, once your hard work pays off, you need to protect it as usual, avoid contacts with water and protect it from dust. Dust will come, but when they touch your project with lots of them, they can be a sore sight when taking to a convention. That's every modelers' nightmare to keep their projects clean.
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this is amazing!!
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That looks awesome
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WOW now that is very impressive and amazing work
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wow... that looks amazing :D
That looks like so much fun *^^* Good luck and hope you get into the finals!
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