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Thu Aug 11, 2016, 9:39 AM by Elle-Arden:iconelle-arden:
DAZaholics | Gallery | Blog

  • FEATURED - The Featured album is ONLY for the Weekly Themed Feature. DO NOT submit images directly to the Featured album as they will be automatically declined. If you want to make a submission for the feature, please use the Weekly Themed Feature Submissions album. (see below) The same goes with Favorites, Please DO NOT submit to Favorites, they will be automatically declined.
  • HOLIDAYS - This album is for images that depict holiday themes such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.  You may submit images that show any type of holiday from around the world.
  • ANIMAL PARK - Please only submit images with real normal animals in them. No fantasy creatures or anthro here.
  • FANTASY CREATURES - Dragons and other magical or mythological creatures like Unicorns, Mermaids, and Pegasus can go in here.  Anthro creatures may also go here. Please do NOT submit anthro elsewhere.
  • PURE EMOTION - Emotional works.
  • FAN ART- This album is for images depicting fan art from movies, characters from shows, singers, all Role Playing Games and Characters, etc.  From Wiki: "Fan Art is artwork that is based on a character, costume, collage, item, or story that was created by someone other than the artist, such as a fan, from which the word is derived from. The term, while it can apply to art done by fans of characters from books, is usually used to refer to art derived from visual media such as comics, movies or video games."
  • FANTASY RACES - Fairies, Elves and other fantasy races including but not limited to orcs, dwarves, gnomes and trolls.
  • MODERN - CONTEMPORARY - SURREAL - Any full scene made with modern content, in other words it's not Fantasy or Sci Fi but is leaning more toward realism. Surreal images may also be submitted here. Simple pin ups (figures with a simple background) do not go here.
  • PORTRAITS should be ONLY portraits - heads and shoulders. Not full figures.
  • SCI FI - STEAMPUNK - Science fiction only, please do not submit medieval fantasy here. Steampunk and Cyberpunk may also be submitted here.
  • VEHICLES BUILDINGS and OBJECTS - This is for your renders that do not include people but only an object, building or a vehicle or some kind. Landscapes without people can also be included here.
  • SPELLCASTERS - Witches - Wizards - Magic - This album is for images containing magical content - for example someone casting a spell or an image where there is visible magic.
  • DARK ART - This is where you would submit images that contain violence or vampires and/or zombies as well as your gothic style images.  Please note that images containing extreme violence are not generally included in our group and will be up to the admin's discretion.  As this is considered a Mature album, artistic nudity will be allowed here. NO BONDAGE, RAPE SCENES OR IMAGES DEPICTING VIOLENCE WITH CHILDREN.
  • Member Promotions - promote a product you are selling or giving away here.
  • Member Tutorials - If you have made a tutorial it goes here.
  • Fade's Challenges - See the links below for the challenges and submit your images here. You may also submit stocks to be used in the Background Challenge as well as your images made with one of the stocks in the album.
  • HUMAN FEMALE FIGURES and Pin Ups and HUMAN MALE FIGURES and Pin Ups - any image where the main focal point of the image is a single human character.  Pin up type images are welcome here with no nudity. Please note that not all images have to be a pin up to be here, rather the emphasis is on a single character.
  • NUDES - This is where you submit images with nudity.  Unless otherwise stated, none of the other albums may contain nudity.  Images with sexual content will be accepted only at the discretion of the admin.  Please do not submit underage nudes, bondage images, images where the entire point is a sexual fetish or soft porn, or scenes depicting rape.  They will not be accepted.
  • Photo Manipulations and Digital Paintings - this is for your art that is not 3D. Please do not submit 3D images here - only photo manipulations and paintings/drawings.
  • MEDIEVAL - HISTORICAL - For your medieval and other historical type images.  This album is not intended for single character images with a simple background, but for scenes.  Images with a single character can go in the Males or Females album.
  • WARRIORS - BARBARIANS - FANTASY HUMANS This album is for full scenes depicting your fantasy humans such as barbarians, warriors and pirates, etc as long as they are fantastical and not historically accurate. Single figures can be submitted to the Human Male and Female albums.
  • MYTHOLOGY - Gods - Goddesses- This album is for any type of gods, goddesses, angels, and other mythology from around the world and from any culture.
  • Weekly Themed Feature Submissions - this is where you submit your images to be considered for the Weekly Themed Feature. Artistic nudity is allowed here and you may submit ONE as LONG AS IT FITS THE THEME OF THE WEEK.  The deadline for each theme is Thursday at 7 AM Pacific Time.

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