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Welcome! and FAQ'S

Welcome to Dazaholics! :wave:

The three of us who run Dazaholics also have a group here: :iconthe-realm-of-light: for high quality digital fantasy art and a Facebook page here:
Like our page for a chance to have your images featured there!

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about our group and the answers.
Q. I use Daz Studio to set up my scene but I render it with something else, like Lux or some other render engine. Is this ok?

A. Yes! We love to explore different ways to use Daz!
Q. What if I use Poser or Vue and didn't use Daz Studio at all?

A. You are welcome to join, submit your artwork and participate in our weekly themed challenges. Occasionally we have a theme that is Daz Studio specific, but that is pretty rare. Many different 3D programs use content that comes from and this is fine as well.
Q. Why was my image rejected?

A. Because it was either submitted to the wrong album or it contained content that was not appropriate for this group. In that case the admin rejecting the image will most likely explain why. However, this is considered a "for everyone" group and we usually do not accept images that contain graphic sexual content or violence, or offensive political or religious images. There are two "adult" albums where R rated content can go, Nudes, and Dark Art. So if you do not want to see violence or nudity of any kind avoid those albums.
Q. There are so many albums - Which one do I submit my image to?

A. Read this:…
If you are still confused feel free to ask. There are some images that could fit into more than one album. In that case just pick the one you think is best and if we feel there is a better one we will politely suggest resubmitting it there.
Q. I want to be a Contributor!

A. Great! (Even though that wasn't a question!) :D Contributors can submit a lot more images per week than members, so of course it's a nice place to be. To be a contributor here you need to be around for a while, submit to the correct albums on a regular basis and keep improving your skills. Then at some point you will get an invitation.
Q. Why do you have a limit of one image per album per week instead of just letting me submit one a day or a certain number per week like most groups?

A. Because this group was created to help you improve your 3D skills and stretch yourself as an artist. So having this limit encourages you to make many different types of images each week rather than just the genre or theme that you are most comfortable with. This is the reason for the Weekly Themed Feature also. (Well really it's to have fun!)
Q. Speaking of the Weekly Themed Feature, how do I participate in that?

A. Check the blog section of the site to see what theme we are accepting submissions for and then submit your entries to the Weekly Themed Submissions Album. The admin will do the rest!
Why was my image not included in the poll for the Pick of the Week?

First of all only 10 images can be included in the voter's poll because that is the LIMIT the Deviant Art widget holds. This is NOT a decision made by us. Every week that we get more than 10 images submitted I am both really happy that so many people want to participate and also dismayed because I know someone is going to get their feelings hurt and nearly every time, one of those people leaves the group. I think those people are missing the point of our challenges.

We feature everyone who participates in our group blog and on the front page of our group for the whole week. The feature is for everyone of all skill levels to help increase their skills and for fun of course because if you aren't having fun then this might as well be a JOB! *gasp* The voting poll was created to give those more experienced members a little incentive to get even better so that they could win the Pick of the Week which is only given to ONE image each week. Though we have had NEW members win! There is no priority given to the older or more experienced members.
So how do we choose the 10 that are going to get into the poll? Each admin separately rates the images based on creative use of the theme, how well the theme is illustrated, artistic merit (composition, color etc) and lastly, technical skill. We don't always agree with each other because art is very subjective, but with this rating system we have come up with the most fair way that we know to get the 10 images into the poll.

If your image was not included in the poll and you have no idea why (even after looking at the images that are included) then you are more than welcome to privately note one of the admins here to ask us why and we will politely let you know. We are not about criticism in this group, we are here to encourage new people, not discourage them, but a friendly word or two has certainly helped me to improve and I think there is room for even the best of us to always do better.
If you have a question that you don't see answered here, then please note us and we will be happy to help you with it!

Happy Rendering!

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