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Weekly Themed Feature

Each week we have a theme and it's up to you to make an image to illustrate it! The images are featured on the front page of the group --------> over there. ;)

Also the members vote on their favorite each week! See our group journals for more information and the Featured widget for the current theme.

Also from time to time we have larger contests with fun prizes such as Daz gift certificates, etc. so be sure to keep a watch on the journals for announcements about those!








Gallery Folders

Megah in the moonlight by G-abi-K
Past Weekly Themed Feature Winners
Megah in the moonlight by G-abi-K
Heavy Wears the Crown by zilla73
Gracen......May is here :) by G-abi-K
Stand Together by FreyrStrongart
Fantasy Creatures
The valley of the fairies by LulaDoll
Aurelia by NapalmArsenal
Call of the Mermaid by Meijerdd
Heavy Wears the Crown by zilla73
Fantasy Races
Foxgloves by chrisryder123
I Grew Up on Tales About You by Dandene
Should be a perfect weather for sowing by pnn32
Ryn by Leabasan
Science Fiction - Steampunk
Edge of Innocence - Lunatti (Beyond Stars) by CarlCG
The Major by IronRoo
The invader family by Lord-Crios

Mature Content

Back Fire by JimmyKawaii
Spellcasters - Wizards - Witches - Magic
Magic Lights by Aarki
Fire and sparks by karlwikman
A sacred place ... by ElectricVentures
Midnight Rendevouz by TritiumCG
Dark Art
Piper Wild - New Character and Outfit - ZBrush C4D by CarlCG

Mature Content

The Great Isle of Prentil, Bk1, Ch9, Pg8 by PrentilStudios
Summoning a Pal by Rezkel

Mature Content

Lust Wakes Sloth 2 by Dark-Arts-Zer0
Mythology - Gods - Goddesses
BGI0075Spec by CynkNapp
DnD5e: Reliquary of Qualnuit and Akordia Do'iry by mooncraft3d
Spring Goddess by MiakadoArts
Medieval - Historical
Treasure Hunter Hold Up by Poses17
The Rose by Ymrabelle
Treasure hunters by greendragon-gecko
courtesan by Arno-Illustrations
Pure emotion
Street music by Thomas-J-Golnik
Good and Bad by 3Dfantasyworld
Swan Lake Ballet Scene by dazinbane

Mature Content

[DAZ3D] -  Early Days - War sucks by PSK-Photo
Fan Art
Destined Battle - Ivy x Shura 02 by AshedRaZ3r
Modern - Contemporary - Surreal
The Meeting! by Edheldil3D
The Boat by Vortch
Animal Park
Uhrag versus Smilodon by Lynxander
Portraits - Head and Shoulders
Ready ... by R-Sva
Vehicles, Buildings and Objects
Autobahn by deepred6502
Members Promotions
Celebrity Series 65 3 by adamthwaites
Members Tutorials
Daz Studio Content Library by MYDART-CO
Human Female Figures - CLOSED
Lady Cleo by romofrog
Human Female Figures and Pin Ups

Mature Content

Photoshoot London by black-Kat-3D-studio
Human Male Figures AND Pin Ups
Flaute 2 by E-Bru-Bilder
Warriors - Barbarians - Human Fantasy
Ragna The Viking Warrior Post by 12CArt
Nudes - Mature - CLOSED

Mature Content

In a Natural State by Vagrant3D
Nudes - Mature Content

Mature Content

Changing pose by TestRender
Photo Manipulations and Digital Paintings
Trial20200510BGI by CynkNapp
Weekly Themed Feature Submissions
Evil Fairytale by SmidA460
June Contest - Dark Brotherhood
Legion of the Fallen by NapalmArsenal
Contest - Snow Hunt
Hunting on old ways by JUJUsternchen
Contest - The Long Road Home
And Neither Have I Wings To Fly by Limnery
Group Icon Contest Submissions
DAZaholics Logo by palacs1nta

Recent Journal Entries

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If the hints don't quite help... I suggest you conduct a survey and send its results to Team.
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I've just been submitting art to the group, and when selecting the gallery folder that the piece should be added to, Pure Emotion isn't on the list of options. 

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