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Weekly Themed Feature

Each week we have a theme and it's up to you to make an image to illustrate it! The images are featured on the front page of the group --------> over there. ;)

Also the members vote on their favorite each week! See our group journals for more information and the Featured widget for the current theme.

Also from time to time we have larger contests with fun prizes such as Daz gift certificates, etc. so be sure to keep a watch on the journals for announcements about those!








Gallery Folders

Rest by PetrichorCreations
Past Weekly Themed Feature Winners
Celtic myth by Nihil-Novi-Sub-Sole
A curious tea party by Nihil-Novi-Sub-Sole
Down on the farm by Nihil-Novi-Sub-Sole
Love in the Air by tristan1859
Fantasy Creatures
Daylight Moons by AventurErotique
Illusions [Fracturing Veil] by RagnarokEOTW
Dino Hunt? by AOGRAI
The omelette by Lord-Crios
Science Fiction - Steampunk - Cyberpunk
New Guardians of the Galaxy by karasmic
CyberVolley by WillibrordusART
Brave Little Partner by Fae3D
Battle Worn by Vagrant3D
Fantasy Races
A KAREN IN HELL by lordcoyote
CW_Pia for Genesis 8 Female by Chaosqueens-World
Dark Thoughts by Fae3D
Huntress or Prey? by TheSbipso
Spellcasters - Wizards - Witches - Magic
Rime Witch by Dandene
Dungeon 1 3DL VERSION by arzhmael

Mature Content

The Fiery Sword Maiden by wolandepiphanius2
Shannon Frost by Teufelseinhorn
Dark Art

Mature Content

Lilith, Karlach and a tablet by ExGemini
Ready to hunt by Sade3d
who's there...? by Saidge42
Call of the Ravens by Fae3D
Mythology - Gods - Goddesses

Mature Content

S A C R I F I C E by 12CArt
Zen by PeterPixyHarrison
Lilith In Armour B by dazinbane
homage by Saidge42
Medieval - Historical
Whiskey and rum break by deepred6502
The House of the Stranded by dungeonmeister
Across the land by arzhmael
A Victorian Stranger by russthedutch
Fan Art
Concept: Cammy by AbsoluteraZr
J Jonah Jameson Character Sheet by keiku
Fun Render: Luke by chanur56
Shadowheart (Baldurs Gate 3) by CombatCourtesan
Modern - Contemporary - Surreal

Mature Content

Secret Hangar by Mock1ngb1rd
Happy 23rd BDay DA by Fae3D
Animal Park
Stop That! by Vagrant3D
Portraits - Head and Shoulders
Marli by Fae3D
Vehicles, Buildings and Objects
We used to be a planet... by ZweiMark3d
Members Promotions
G9 Brooke by adamthwaites
Members Tutorials
Common Errors with posing toes by christine13black
Human Female Figures and Pin Ups
Standing Here. by StoogeArts
Human Male Figures AND Pin Ups
Ash | Here I Am! by emiTobares
Warriors - Barbarians - Human Fantasy
Ash | The Race against AI by emiTobares
Nudes - Mature Content

Mature Content

Elf Princess and the Dark Elf 05 by peterchu69
Comics, Covers and Posters

Mature Content

CROCODILE WOMAN -The King's Collection- Issue#07 by AGcomix
Photo Manipulations and Digital Paintings
Concept art Ein gelbes Weizenfeld by E-Bru-Bilder
Weekly Themed Feature Submissions
June Contest - Dark Brotherhood
Legion of the Fallen by NapalmArsenal
Contest - Snow Hunt
Hunting on old ways by JUJUsternchen
Contest - The Long Road Home
And Neither Have I Wings To Fly by Limnery
Group Icon Contest Submissions
DAZaholics Logo by palacs1nta
Pure emotion -CLOSED
Good and Bad by 3Dfantasyworld
Human Female Figures - CLOSED
Peace Out by Elle-Arden
Nudes - Mature - CLOSED

Mature Content

In a Natural State by Vagrant3D
Human Female Figures - CLOSED 2

Mature Content

Redhead in a dark wood study by yuniyhimik
Science Fiction - Steampunk CLOSED
Halblinginspace by LemonwithPepper

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clothandflesh Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2023  Professional Digital Artist
I accidentally submitted to the wrong gallery. I'm so sorry! Can someone help me fix it?
socalsek Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2023  Professional General Artist
Does anyone know someone who will do custom skins for Daz3d males.  I have a new character I've created but want a more specific look.

If anyone knows someone I'd really appreciate it.
christine13black Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2023  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There is another bondage image submitted to the group.
(1 Reply)
59Burst Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2023
My render, J Girl Karen 02 was accidently submitted to the wrong folder.  Apologies.  I meant for it to go into "Nudes, Mature Content".
(1 Reply)
MaureenOlderMcMahon Featured By Owner Edited Feb 7, 2023  Hobbyist General Artist
my first deviation "its a cold, strange summer..."  here and I have put it in wrong category, "fantasy creatures". was meant to put in human female figures. sorry. can it be moved please.

hugs to all and thankyou for accepting me too your group.
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ZweiMark3d Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2022  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
AltaWoman Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Admins:  Sorry,  I accidentally submitted a nude scene into the Warriors/Human Fantasy folder.   I realized my mistake after I submitted it, but can't find a way to remove it or move it to the Nudes folder.
If it's possible could you move it the Nudes folder?   Thanks!
(1 Reply)
Lord-Crios Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2022  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, i'm searching for a simple walking animation for Genesis 3 Female. Someone has one of it?
BornAngelAuthor Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey there, I accidentally posted this deviation in the wrong folder, It shoulda been in the couples folder and I accidentally stuck it in promotions... (Leather and Fall) cause I was trying to add another picture to promotions and didn't realize I had 2 selected

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DuneDrifter Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for allowing little old me to join in the fun
Dazaholics by DuneDrifter  
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christine13black Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Reiterating the below post, as yet another such gif slipped through.
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