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Weekly Themed Feature

Each week we have a theme and it's up to you to make an image to illustrate it! The images are featured on the front page of the group --------> over there. ;)

Also the members vote on their favorite each week! See our group journals for more information and the Featured widget for the current theme.

Also from time to time we have larger contests with fun prizes such as Daz gift certificates, etc. so be sure to keep a watch on the journals for announcements about those!








Gallery Folders

Haha by joejarrah
Wanna Play ? by neindent
The Joker by Pizzaundbier
Joker by wetumbrella6
Past Weekly Themed Feature Winners
Noble Steed by SmidA460
New Moon by joejarrah
Western Leprechaun Hold Up by drsnidely
Heralds of Spring by maruberlin
Fantasy Creatures
Reptiloids by arzhmael
Night watch A3 Print Version by I-Jay-CG
Elisabeth by maruberlin
Water Skimming by NeoSilverThorn
Fantasy Races
As fast as the wind by palacs1nta
Rogues Inn Waiting by Alias52
All male orcs are equal by YupaArt
Little bit of vintage style by pnn32
Science Fiction - Steampunk
Are you lost? by palacs1nta
Space Simmer by simmer529
Astronaut by robirobi
Afternoon Spin by Saphirewild43
Spellcasters - Wizards - Witches - Magic
Project 006 - Mama Nefer - 18 [Desktop Wallpaper 1 by scryptic369
Uahh the Hapless by maruberlin
Pages and Candlelight by fallenboy84
Xellina by LexaKiness
Dark Art
The Appointment by RDG44

Mature Content

Demon Choice by magnaky
Monster Hunter by CrownDigitalArt
Damsel by Apone3D
Mythology - Gods - Goddesses
Kidagakash Nedakh by RGPC

Mature Content

Sigillum by galidor
Goddess of Steel by ThreeElves
Sisters in the pool by BornAngelAuthor
Medieval - Historical
Bang by bigroundeye
The Colour of War by Acue
Iron Steed by joejarrah
Fan Art
Aqua - Warm Evening by LexaKiness
Lightning by Apone3D

Mature Content

Freebie Focus - Chilling Discovery by lstowe
Darth Vader's Meditation Chamber by Pizzaundbier
Modern - Contemporary - Surreal
We met in the dog park by galidor

Mature Content

Tough Lady by janedj
Animal Park

Mature Content

Cats Cats All Kinds Of Cats by Saphirewild43
Portraits - Head and Shoulders
Dream a little dream... by SmidA460
Vehicles, Buildings and Objects
Epilog - Picture 08 by Sandstrahlen
Members Promotions
Debutante Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females by Toyen-Art
Members Tutorials
Tutorial: Realistic Soft Surfaces Made Easy by mooncraft3d
Human Female Figures and Pin Ups
Another Day - Another Ice Pop - Pin Up #10 by EverStudios
Human Male Figures AND Pin Ups
End of the Day by FreyrStrongart
Warriors - Barbarians - Human Fantasy
Untamed Barbarian Warrioress by Pizzaundbier
Nudes - Mature Content

Mature Content

Stocking Stuffer Pinup by drsnidely
Comics, Covers and Posters
Lewis and Oslo by Slofkosky
Photo Manipulations and Digital Paintings
Reflection1 BnW by HarryH81
Weekly Themed Feature Submissions
One Too Many Bad Jokes by tristan1859
June Contest - Dark Brotherhood
Legion of the Fallen by NapalmArsenal
Contest - Snow Hunt
Hunting on old ways by JUJUsternchen
Contest - The Long Road Home
And Neither Have I Wings To Fly by Limnery
Group Icon Contest Submissions
DAZaholics Logo by palacs1nta
Pure emotion -CLOSED
Good and Bad by 3Dfantasyworld
Human Female Figures - CLOSED
Peace Out by Elle-Arden
Nudes - Mature - CLOSED

Mature Content

In a Natural State by Vagrant3D

Recent Journal Entries

Newest Figure Update

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Aww man - I think I missed out on the Scifi theme challenge. Did not know.
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