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Metal Phone Mouse came along way to become the steadily rising comic it is today. So I want to put this out there. The origins and the story behind MPM and the people behind it.

Back in the ages of light and financial stability called 2005, there was a website called It was a simple structured java site. And it was very popular in my school. You go in there, chat to people, play some flash games like pool, tic tac toe, battleships, ect. And like most of the people in that class I went in there on a daily basis. It was fun.

I found a little chatroom of people I talked to. We were a nice little group of friends. In this room was a guy called AC1D... something, I think it was AC1Drain. I went by a different screen name at the time, but he didn't like it and said I should come up with something else. He said that I was more of a 'Shadowy' character (Thus why I go by shadow to this day). One day, someone logged in with the name RIP_AC1Drain. Turns out he died in a drunken driver accident. The room fell apart and everyone stopped coming.

I was about to give up on the site entirely when I met a person with the name An0nym0us. She told me about another chat site with games and personal pages. But what really bought me was being able to buy people gifts. So I followed her to a little Swedish site called Looking back, I think subconsciously, this became my new Jippii. The chat site I went on everyday for hours at a time.

An0nym0us had to go and left me alone in a strange site. I surfed around for a bit and hopped into one of the multilayer games. There I met a couple of people, Linkmaster and Knucells. Knucells told me about a forum thread that I should join, one that she had created 2 day prior. A little roleplaying thread that's become infamous on the site since. Metal Phone Mouse.

That's right, I'm not the original creator of MPM, but I am the creator of the Comic. :P

In the MPM thread, there were three members. Knucells and Linkmaster that I met before, and a Joebobbrundy (Joebob would eventually close his account and come back as l3gi7). And it turns out that Joebob and Knucells were dating online at the time (Knucells being in scotland, joe in the US.) Joe became sort of a rival to me. Always at each others throats and bitching at each other. Till this day I still can't stand the stupid mother fuc-- moving on...

After about half a year, Joebob dumped Knucells. And to further prove his scumminess, he did so on her birthday. Knucells and I came online every day and talked to each other. Even on Christmas and the night of New years eve. And on the 4th of January 2007, she told me in the forum that she had a crush on me for the longest while. I remembering it taking me so long to get back to her. On the 6th of January, she said "You can say your not interested if you want." Which was kinda my catchphrase at the time, saying "Not interested". But I remember this was the last time I used this catchphrase when I told her "I'm not gonna say I'm not Interested, because I AM interested."

Knucells and I have been dating since then and will be 4 years as a couple in January 6th.

The thread gained some its more valued characters, such as Pieman. Pieman actually came into the thread with hecklers that were badmouthing the thread. But Pieman seemed to enjoy me and Joe's fighting. So he just hung around in the background, stealing things from the base and jumping out windows.  He was always the "Wtf is he doing?" kinda guy. I honestly can't remember how Chip and Spike came to the comic. I think they were randoms that stuck around.

Squiggle was the newest member before MPM died fully and Brass was known as Lucide, a ninja character that came and went. We didn't cast him as a main member because he could be AWOL for months.

Everyone posted webcomics in the thread too. Pieman posted things like Ctrl+alt+del and explosm and Maria posted VG cats and Exterminatus Now (Furry much? I'm kidding. I think she got them from linkmaster. :P). All of which are comics I still follow today. And I loved the webcomics. They were fun to read, well designed and the stories were capturing. I always had an artistic side that ran on my mothers side of the family, but never really knew what to do with it. I wanted to be able to do webcomics like these. And one day I wanted to~

The MPM forum was on and off again for the next 3 years. Sometimes busting with life, sometimes dead for days at a time. In that time, there were alot of changes. Sometimes we had 10 active people, sometimes we had 3. People came and went, but the main few are the one's mentioned in the comic. Myself (Shadow), Knucells (Maria), Pieman, Chip, Spike and Legit. That was until it eventually died off entirely for months.

It was on its last lifeline when I decided to do the MPM beta Comic and the MPMers loved it. Alas, not enough to stay with MPM. Knucells, Pieman, Legit, and spike left, one by one. MPM was dead and the comic left on Hiatus. I didn't have the time or energy to do a comic when I was in college.

The beta comic just felt like another nail in the coffin.

After I finished college, and while I was out of a job, I decided to plan ahead the comic this time, instead of rushing into it like before. I planned characters, stories, weapons, the base designs, sword designs, I had a plan and I wasn't gonna let what happened to the last comic happen again. This was MPM's last breath of life, and by god as my witness, I was gonna make it a deep one.

And it worked. The MPMers that left the thread became interested in the comic. In the current comic, I'm Drawing and designing the comics. I do the scripts and send them to Pieman and Knucells. Pieman adds his jokes and humour, while Knucells edits and corrects any mistakes in grammar or story plots. Chip seems busy being pregnant, buuut that's expected. Brass is still AWOL alot but is more regular to comment and bitch. :P Squiggle, well, she was new. She didn't have much of a connection to MPM. Its understandable that she's not that involved.

One thing I never wanted in this comic was to do it alone. I wanted the people in MPM to help and be a part of it. Me doing 79% of the work, Maria doing 20% and Pieman doing 1%, I can be happy with that (Piemans efforts are arguably closer to 5%).

The MPM comic is currently a hobby I have.

And I love it.
With the MPM comic, I always told people that I was gonna wait till the 20th comic to start pushing the comic into the spotlight. Get some advertisements up, join groups and clubs, maybe get a Comic Genesis website for it, Ect.

But I'm wondering now if 20 comics is too late or if now is too soon.
Also thinking of making a separate DA account for MPM.
Here I have alot of alternate stuff other than the comic, which can be distracting for the comic. Not to mention this account is a few years old now, its past its prime. (I didn't upload anything for the first 2 years)

There's alot of stuff I want to do for the comic,
but maybe I'm being impatient towards it. Its only 6 pages through.
Only just passed the Beta.

Maybe I should take it step by step. Lemme think...
How about after:
10 comics - Join Clubs
20 comics - Advertise
30 comics - website
30+comics - Refresh plan

That's a 30 week plan (24 weeks from today).
Roughly in January.
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All those links seem to have paid off.

A minor achievement as of yet but Still much appreciation to all who even took a glance and upped that counter by 1.

You rock.