Fan Art collection - Part One
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Now, as the title suggests, I mean to post the best Fan Art works in a series of articles. This is the first of them, so it should have a very good theme.. and I pick up one of my favourite book series, "The Wheel of Time". Enjoy!

wheel of time by draldede :thumb127218766: WoT-Eye of the World V1 inks by ChaseConley

Heroes of W.O.T by solitarium Moiraine Damodred by Westling ELYAS MACHERA -fan art- by solitarium RAND AL'THOR -fan art- by solitarium

MAT CAUTHON -fan art- by solitarium PERRIN AYBARA -fan art- by solitarium reflections by katya-h Tarmon Gaidon by dem888

Sing of Manetheren by UnderdogMike He Who Comes With The Dawn by MHamArt Bain and Chiad by Stuuuuu Rand al'Thor by dem888

:thumb25417956: Rand Wives - Progress IV by ReddEra The Threefold Land by TheNonSequitur Lan and Nyneave by DarkeningFire

aiel warrior by jeanfverreault Matrim Cauthon by Madarivian Logain by DoodlesandDaydreams Moiraine Sedai by yasmay

The Wheel of Time: Min by darlinginc The Wheel of Time: Rand by darlinginc lanfear by kotian82 Mashiara by fee-absinthe

No crying over spilt peas by Makena

And some .. erm.. different work. I, personally, laughed my ass out, viewing the last three :rofl:

The Wheel of Time -Stamp by Seiken-jiyuu :thumb206424441: Braid Tug by Aeternus-Spero Randpark :Spoilers of Bk6: by Wingedmoggy

That's all for now, folks. It wasn't easy. In few days comes part two, until then - enjoy.
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ReddEraProfessional Digital Artist
thanks for posting my work :D
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Daystar-ArtHobbyist General Artist
you're welcome - you got some great work ! :)
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Great WoT work here.
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solitariumProfessional Digital Artist
thank you~
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Daystar-ArtHobbyist General Artist
you're welcome :)