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Hello dears! How have you been??

Again I just have to apologize for my very absence these days; I think there's around a month since the last time I posted something new. I've been really busy, I know it's kinda boring hear me saying that again and again but that's what it is. Besides my work that takes me all the time through the week I'm now taking classes on weekend and I've been studying a lot, along with that there are a lot of things I've been running after these days I just hadn't time even to take a look on my medias and even less to take my materials and make a drawing or something like. And of course when I finally have a lil short time my mind gets all spaced with those worries that I just can't bring something out.

I'd like to thank so much :iconhyper-mario-64: :iconzmorphcom: :iconkm-illustrations: :iconrosiebees: :icondreamstodream13: :iconhavoc777: :iconbfulmore: who greeted me for my birthday, I didn't have time to thank each one properly, specially on that week in which started the hard times we're going through here in Brazil, I don't know if someone's aware of that. Well, I'm still surviving the way I can but I just don't know when I'll be able to bring something new for a while. I hope it doesn't take even more time too. That's all for now, see you darlings!
Hello dears! How you doing? I'm posting this more as an explanation and apology for being absent for so long. I wasn't meaning that but I've been working very much and looking to many things lately I've been just having no time lefting for drawings arts crafts or things like. This pic I've post today  Dif Gift [04] by DayseRosi, in fact I had it finished a week ago, and started that about a month ago, but I just could post it today... It'll probably keep happening to my future posts, unfortunately. So plz be patient m' dears.
Sorry for the bad english too :XD:
See ya... :iconlazywaveplz:

January = I dont care theyre just too cute by DayseRosi February = Mogeko_Castle by DayseRosi March = [CE] Inlinverst by DayseRosi

April = .:*+ Little Alice +*:. by DayseRosi May = Sunflowers Picture by DayseRosi June = Fish [CE] by DayseRosi 

July = .:*'Chii'*:. by DayseRosi August = .:* Chibi Madoka *:. by DayseRosi September = Miku by DayseRosi

October = Come on dear smile by DayseRosi November = New OC by DayseRosi December = DiF Gift 01 by DayseRosi

This wasn't my best year on art, although I believe I have improved a little like in the constructions, and the characters design, and the coloring, specially by influence of digital style that improved a lot too; even so this wasn't a good year about frequency, I'm glad I could get with at least one pic in every month. This year as well wasn't easy for me, I got health problems and emotionals too, many times I asked myself if I would keep my Da Page also my other medias and I had some "criativity crisis". I see that the times I'd been most active was in the middle of the year, when I was having more free time home; and the time I'd been less active was in the beginning of the year, when I was out of time, also among July and September, when I was terribly demotivated. Now, near of the year's ending, I could post some things a little more pleasantly, I wish I could have done more but I'm still totally out of time. Well, I hope that in 2018 I can do more on the few free time I can get, that I can do it with pleasure and with no many worries. I thank all who have being along with me through this year, enjoying my art avaliating me and helping me to keep up, to those lovely people I wish all the good on this next year and I hope I can go on sharing good works with you. See you in 2018!
I've never made a tag before but I was really thinking of doing a good thing this month since, ya know, we're in a kinda "goodwill" season ^^ and yeah I got the inspiration on that movie "pay it forward" so if you have already watched it maybe you know how it works:

By tagging you I'm saying I'm gonna make you a gift drawing (similar
to and if you want you can return the favor by making a gift drawing to three or more people.

If you want to participate and "draw it forward" just follow the rules below.


:star: 1) Post these rules
:star: 2) Say "I was tagged by :icondayserosi:"
:star: 3) Tag three or more people and give them a gift drawing
:star: 4) Who's tagged may do the same if they want
BONUS: You can choose me back \o/

So I tag: 

1. :icondreamstodream13:
2. :iconkm-illustrations:
3. :iconelythe:
4. :iconeleoyasha:
5. :iconchibii-chii:
6. :iconnayu-me:
7. :iconpolyatomic-irony:
8. :iconlawman09:
Hello dears! I wonder if someone has even noted my absence these times? Wanna hope someone did... Y~Y It's been a time since I got very inactive with the posts, besides I've been feeling kinda unsatisfied with my art, as I said a little in my last post, it was kinda out of criativity and some repetitive, o'course I was bored with it and still I am. I feel like I need to change, bring something new, different, not more of the same, ya know, but it would take so much from me, specially now, for there is other reason that makes me ask if it's still worthy...

Drawing's been always a controversy in my life, 'cause althought it's something I like so much, I've never got to turn it to a professional way, I know I may haven't had enough efford to it, maybe, what's kinda compreensive taking the place I live in, where you need to have an extraordinay hardwork to get to be a real professional... well, it's been a time since I decided to concetrate in other area as profission and let the drawing be just as a hobby; and I don't feel sorry for that, I got a job now to support me and in my free times I can draw whatever I want without worries... but, the free times I have now are so short, that's why I'll probably continue very few active here as far as in my other medias and groups; beside I still have other issues included, about comunication and sociability, that complicate it as well, which I need to work out much more. Maybe I gotta get more active on that than on the posts...

At last, don't fear for my absence in part, coz we never get off our true passions, so you're still gonna see me there... ;3
Hello bbs!
This cutie :iconeleoyasha: is holding an Art Raffle  Art Raffle [Winners]Hi guys! Finally I'm going to announce the winners of my Art Raffle!!! Thanks to all the people who joined! <3
To all the winners: please send me a note with your character references (I don't accept descriptions as references)
1st place:
Winner: #52 :iconSailorSunPhoenix:
1 Full Colored Chibi + 1 Simple Colored Chibi (1 character p/drawing).
2nd place: 
Winner: #47 :icondayserosi:

1 Simple Colored Chibi (1 character) + 1 Simple Colored Chibi Headshot .
There will be 5 additional winners that will get 1 Simple Colored Chibi Headshot!

 o' course if you're one of her watchers you probably know it =P  But hey if you haven't met her yet go give a check on her artworks, they're so stylish and I find a lot of inspirations on her pictures and I really appreciate how she does the things on her own way :aww: So I think it's worthy :)
First I'd like to thank you all my sweeties for the mark of 20,000 views on my page :la: it's so precious to me :huggle: :heart:

:icondummypartyplz: And the winner of the Kiriban is :icongeneral-kel: who captched this very moment.  Honestly even I haven't noted when it happened so it was a (very happy) surprise to me XD

I'm really grated for all the support I gain from you here. Thanks a lot and keep attempted for the next ones ;)
Hello dears! I don't know if anyone even noted it but I've been very out these days, not only here in DA but in quite all my media; and the main reason is that I fell sick again, yes again, I got really bad and wasn't able to do anything; and worse I was with a lot of things to do that happened being put apart all this time. I also got sad and demotivated with that all, I can't deny it... Y.Y Well, at least I'm feeling better now, not totally, but a lot better and I'm gradually coming back to my duties and trying to cheer me up to be active again. I still have a lot of things to look so maybe I get more days without posting or drawing anything new, hope you understand. I felt like I needed to explain myself. Hope I can bring something new soon.
Yay dears! I'm getting close to 20.000 views I am a dummy! 
so what about a Kiriban?
Catch the screen showing exactly 20,000 views and you'll receive a cute chibi from me.


Rosy-chan by DayseRosi Me again by DayseRosi $8 or 800 :points:

CE: Cotton Candy by DayseRosi CE: Tenma and Summer by DayseRosi $10 or 1000:points:

+$2 or 200:points:
for additional character



Waist up or Sitting
G1: Miyoko by DayseRosi Gift_for_yarelly by DayseRosi $5 or 500:points:

+$1 or 100:points:
for additional character


:rose: CHIBI

G3: Turtle by DayseRosi AT Chibii chii by DayseRosi $4 or 400:points:

+$1 or 100:points:
for additional character


:rose: INFO:

>How to comission me:
Send a note or comment describing exactly what you want and with the most of details.
Give me a good reference of the character so I can do it correctly
Payment first, it's my guarantee 
I'll just accept Paypal or points (I send my paypal by note)

>Waiting time:
Waiting time is about a week or two.
I send a note when it's finished.

I send the original for +$4 (Paypal only)
Send me the address by note
They're made in common paper A4 size (fullbody) or A5 (half and chibi)
I don't take responsibility for any event during the mail

>What I do:
Any character (preferably anime/manga style)
Animals, anthro/furries or kemonomimis are ok for me
Yaoi/yuri or Ecchi I don't mind
Mecha (I don't like but if it's the case...)

>What I DON'T do:
Extreme violence/gore
Nudity or porn
Anything offensive or disrespectfull

>Any doubt, feel free to comment or send a note :icondayserosi:
Thanks everyone for send me your characters. If you weren't chosen don't worry, I'll give a particiation gift when I have a time.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Hello dears !! I'm about to open comissions again :boogie:
but before it I was willing to approach some samplers so I gonna be openning 5 free art slots:

- Halfbody :iconfolk-dude-philip:
- Halfbody :iconlawman09:

- Chibi :iconlunargarden:
- Chibi :iconxangelfeatherx:
- Chibi :iconjuneandclare1211:

- It'll be for the first ones who comment here with a good referenced character.
- They will be all in traditional. 

It's just this for now. See ya dears!! :iconlazywaveplz:
Hello dears! I'm so glad my contest in the group :iconcxcxc-club: was well succeeded. And these are the precious entries I've received :love:

Cxcxcclub mascot contest by wrench3521   Mascot Kitty [Contest entry ] by KohanaFuyu  Kitty by SkullDead  Kitty Contest Entry for C x C x C  by Tishalee133  <da:thumb id="590051895"/>   Contest entry - Mascot Kitty by Yukimi99    Kitty by AVBUNNY  Kitty by hhneuah  Kitty Mascot Contest Entry by raddedd 

Check out the winners here = CxCxC MASCOT CONTEST -- WINNERS!!
Hello darlings. Sorry for this long time of absence. Omg, this 2016 rly started agitated. It was very tense this week coz of my cat, Silver, it felt very ill, I thought it was gonna die :'C I got many days of going again and again to the veterinarian, it's been very tiresome, specially for my cat. But now it's going well :} it's eating again, and doing its "cuteness" too. I still gotta keep looking over it, to get its medicines in time, etc. But it's so good seeing my bby getting normal again TwT
I'm gonna be going back to my activities again. Probably.

Thanks for you patience sweeties.. ♥
Sorry dears, but I gonna have to close comissions again till I get'em updated.
I'll do hard to open them as soon as possible.

Thanks for the comprehension. ^^;
Hello dears. I'm sorry for involve you on this personal matter but I feel like I'm supposed to explain my bit of inactivity for these days.
This' been hard days to me, the type that seem nothing's doing right and I fell very bad with depression (who has it knows what's like...) I wished I had made something nice for this Halloween holiday, but I got totally without ideas, this depression is swallowing me and this is a real terror xºx Hope I'm feeling better and can come back soon...

Thank so much for your support my bbys !! :heart: It means a lot to me :')

And don't forget to follow me on Facebook, I'm sopposed to be as active there as I'm here :)