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Ahhh! Forgot to upload this earlier...
I was actually debating to place a background in.. but I didn't since I did this more for practice, rather than anything? Toying with lighting and whatnot. * v *

It was fun to color it, and I haven't colored/done much for art lately so it was nice to do e v e

In a way I think she's modelled out of my computer/tower combination thanks to her colors LOL;;;
She'smoodysometimes. /shotttt

Critiques open to things I may want to fix about posing/coloring/anything you can see is greatly appreciated * 7 * <3

Done in : Paint Tool Sai
Time : 3-4 hours total ( many times of mid procrastination at work... been working on it for two days rofl )
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I Like the amount of details you've used to draw her hair, with all the streaks and lighting. Your colouring is as perfect as always. The motion you've added to this piece gives a nice emphasis to the techness of her outfit.

Her anatomy is fairly accurate, but some should be revised :

◆ The ring finger and pinky of her left hand should not be the same length as the middle finger. The ring finger is supposed to be approximately the same length as the index finger, and the pinky needs to be shortened.
◆ I find that the elbow seems somewhat awkward. With the current shading at the bend of the elbow, it seems as though she is completely bending her entire arm, which causes her upper arm to look short. You should perhaps try shading an area at the bend that only covers about one fifth of her upper arm, and see how that goes. The same goes for her right leg.

That's all for anatomy, but there are still some other things you should consider :
◆ If the belt is to be positioned around that area of her waist, it would probably slip off the edge of her bottom.
◆ For advance advice, rather than outlining the green glows with black lines, you can try a matching shade of a darker green, and try using a transparent background.

Overall, it's a cute character. Keep up the neat work! (: