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Nose Tutorial

This is my way of drawing/painting noses, I used SAI in all steps from one to 6. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask me; also if this has been helpful please do tell!

And, if you would like me to do more tutorials then tell me what and I will try to do my best! 
(this is the first time I try to make a tutorial) I am a dummy! 
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My pleasure! :la: 
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I.....I thank you so much T-T I... Drew a nose today! and it wasn't complex like some of those out there when they're like..
First you draw a line.... then BAM Old man's wrinkly face on top of the Eiffel tower in an abstract steampunk city centered in southeast Asia.

...Yea, don't ask....It was how it felt like.

Btw this is how it looks :DDD…
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I'm so glad to hear that this little tutorial have helped!!! Hahaha I know exactly what you mean and I think they do it on purpose >.>
Holy wow!! It looks amazing mate! Great work :love:
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Nose, lips, hands, and symmetry.....the struggle. I'll likely be using your various tutorials to help further my own practices, so I thank you for making this.
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Im happy to hear that my tutorials are coming in handy! And thank you for taking the time to check them out! :D 
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