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**Edit** Woke up this morning, looked at the picture, and hated the lighting. Re-rendered it. :D I think I like this better.

What started out as a simple and innocent enough pose turned into... this.

I'm sure the fanboys won't mind.

And yes, that is corn. Why? Why not?

GLaDOS Core model [link]
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Krystal: Tired?

Me: Very, now get the fuck out.

Sexist, son of a BITCH!

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I love the foot view of krystal. More please
LavalLion121's avatar
nope! I'm ready to do anything... ANYTHING... especially "you".
Sonic1234567891's avatar
'Tired?' Perhaps - but looks lusty ;p
MilesProwerFan1997's avatar
Krystal: Are you sleepy?

Me: Well I was, but not anymore.

Krystal: That's great!

Me: This is going to be fun!
theothermichael's avatar
wooow all your Krystal renders are always perfect!!!!
Daymond42's avatar
And I definitely need to make more of them... I'm slipping!
theothermichael's avatar
Dont worry man, any pace is ok, you cant rush brilliance 
ShadeDepeche31's avatar
Yes... may I sleep with you Krystal?
PH4NTOMZ's avatar
dawn-giant-dragon's avatar
i like the look in her face :D
Riley-Ironstand's avatar
*Opens eyes* "Well...not anymore."
Awesome render btw
binaralcobra's avatar
stil she looks great its amazing she youst to work for starfox she would be great for dead space 3
binaralcobra's avatar
yo im just guessing but I think krystal wants to have a little fun lol
Daymond42's avatar
She totally wants to play some Yahtzee.
BigMac1212's avatar
I really like Krystal's lingerie in this scene.
Dragonrider1227's avatar
mmm, yeah. I gotta get me some of that... POCKY!!
Daymond42's avatar
Almond Crush Pocky is the best. :D
MidnightStarKina's avatar
Very awesome. Love the core there along with the companion cube. X3
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