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I've never made a Christmas wishlist before and I still feel a little bit weird about it. I don't expect people to draw me something for free or gift me a design or rebase just because it's Christmas. 
I don't feel like I have the right to ask for stuff just because it's Christmas or my birthday or anything! 
My Birthday is on the 28th December so I thought I can add that to this.
So I might delete this wishlist if these feelings continue to grow ;w; 

But if anyone would be interested and has the free time then I would love to see art of my Griffians
685 - The Grand Osiria by TheKingdomOfGriffia 1257 - Topaz Ruffles by TheKingdomOfGriffia 721 - Long Haired Dachshund by TheKingdomOfGriffia 726 - Utonagan by TheKingdomOfGriffia Quick Ref - Mary Jane by DayDreamSyndrom Peony Ref by DayDreamSyndrom 436 - Love Dove by TheKingdomOfGriffia 637 - Ruffles by TheKingdomOfGriffia 53 - Tomato by TheKingdomOfGriffia Oliver - Quick Ref - Foolee by DayDreamSyndrom

I want to get these rebases of my charas 
and I hope that I will have the money to get one from Plush-Bean 
and omg plush I feel so bad tagging you! ;A; But I love your art so much <3
1342 - The Fox by TheKingdomOfGriffia Quick Ref - Mary Jane by DayDreamSyndrom
172 - Blue Peony by TheKingdomOfGriffia Peony Ref by DayDreamSyndrom

The only design I would really want would be a nomnom bagbean!
It feels like my blood is made out of energy drinks! I love the taste and I bet I'm a liiiitle bit addicted to them :'D
I would love to see them being a reality!
 I guess this one would turn out to be more of a beansona to me xD

Explanation of the accessories!
My GF wears the silver part of this necklace and I the black one since almost 5 years now
Since 3 years I have regularly a problem with my arms.
I had to carry many heavy things in my last job and together with long days and nights chatting/writing with my GF (a long-distance relationship in the past),
which is why I got very often tendonitis. Now it's chronic and keeps coming up when I draw or type too much. These wrist rails have become my standard equipment.

Species: Bagbean
Type: Nomnom
Theme: energy drink
Gender: female
Collage Image: flowRoot3831 by DayDreamSyndrom
Hairstyle: mix of the hairstyles in the collage. red hair <3
Colors: white, lighter and darker grays and black, red
Markings: artistic freedom! But please with eyebags! and maybe some irregular spots <3
Accessories: like in the collage
Mutations: long fur only on the hips down the thighs
Personality: cheerful, energetic, hyper
Bag: shoulder bag
Please keep in mind that I can only accept an offer when the group reopens and when the bean will be under my name <3

803 - Poltergeist by TheKingdomOfGriffia

Love Beans / Love Bulbs

3 - ways are fine <3

Considered Offers:
Noted Swap Offer


This is so me. I have no other words for that :'D
Img-20181029-wa0028 by DayDreamSyndrom


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