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:bulletred: JOINING THE GROUP IS NOW CLOSED! Please go to the link below to join! :bulletred:

Submissions to this group are closing this weekend! Please move to the new group and start submitting!

I'll be notifying anyone on their submissions that we are moving, but will still accept submissions until 1/14!

I have created the new group! Folders are up and running, I have someone making us a new icon that should be done this week, and admin positions are still open!

New group here: thedaydreamersrealm.deviantart…
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Rules and common questions

Yes, I know we all don't like them but to keep the group running smoothly we need them.


Only members can submit to our gallery and there is a limit of 2 deviation submissions per day.

NO FANART - Fanart, no matter how well it is done, is not allowed. We want to see your OWN works!

No adopts/unfinished YCH's - No matter what kind of adopt it is, if you can buy it, we will deny it. Although if it is a FINISHED YCH, we will accept.

No advertisement - We do not accept commission advertisement, or open ych's, request advertisement, etc

No Nudity - Slight nudity is allowed as long as it is presented in a tasteful fashion. We do have minors so please be sure that mature deviations are marked as such.

No Sex - Suggested or very visible sex will not be accepted into the group. We are about the fantasy not adult actions that are to be performed behind closed doors. Again we have minors.

No Hate - racist, overly violent and hate centered art will not be tolerated here. We are a Fantasy group not a horror/macabre group.

No WIP's - Work in Progress may be great for another group or your journal, but we are only interested in seeing the final project.

Quality - Basically, we accept different skill levels, so we won't reject your work because of lack of skill. However, you should put your best effort in the picture

Submit to the correct folders - If you do not submit to the correct folders your submissions will be declined. We have a lot of work to do behind the curtains, so we do not have time to place your submission in the correct folder. When in doubt, find an admin before you submit and we can point you to the right folder.

- Behavior that is not conducive to the group will result in the member not being allowed to be a part of this group. We are all responsible for ourselves and for our behavior. ONE warning is all you will get. So in other words....If you can't play nice, you can play somewhere else.

Removing submissions - We understand that after a certain point in time you might store your deviation or remove it from our group. But those that submit to the group and then remove it less the 24 hours later will be removed permanently from the group. We want people to see your work, but we are not here to be used to increase views to your image.

As admins, we do our best to tell each person why a submission is declined. By submitting your images to this group you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms of the group. We reserve the right to adjust rules as needed and without prior notification.

Common Questions we are asked:

Why is my submission declined?

Main reason: You did not read the rules and are submitting fan art. We try to keep this group original, we want to see what your crazy brains create!

Another reason: You're submitting to featured. We don't accept any featured submissions.

If neither of these apply to you, and youre still being declined without a reason, send me a note! (Mspugluver) I'll see what I can do, and in the meantime accept your submission if it follows the rules :)

Thanks so much for being a member!



Head Admin







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And please let Amazon (and the publisher) know what you think of people selling stolen art as their own, even if it's not yours.

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Then you send people the wrong dead link then. Sheesh...:| (Blank Stare) 
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Yeah cause I shut the group down, running such a huge group by myself is no fun, and I have a life outside DA so I gave up
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i get it but u should update the heads up. plus u could always set submissions and possibly joins to automatic so the member can manage themselves
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