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A few days ago ,I found a thief selling my designs on Etsy .

I managed ,with a lot of help from Friends and Regresty ,to get her to remove my Resources . But she wouldnt shut down the shop that used my name - MarmiteMamie- even though she wont be selling anything . So I mailed her a few times ,highlighting the benefits of her closing this shop down ...

1. You wont be using my name anymore ,the name I spent 2 years building up .
2. You wont be selling anthing thats yours anyway ,your just going to steal more work from others .
3. It wont piss me off anymore ,and I will leave you alone .

Today -13/10/2011 - she basically told me ,she was going to upload my designs onto another site and make money again . That was after she told me ,it was MY FAULT for her stealing from me ,as I made it too easy by giving away free Resources . She also says she wont be refunding me the money she made from my resources and she has - paid enough by pulling my resources down in the first place - she called my watchers names ,called me names ,and basically insulted us by saying that we are daft for wanting to give away resources . She stole from me when I was going through a death in my family ,then a funeral ,then set up a shop on Etsy when my house almost burnt down to the ground ,and I lost a dear neighbour and all my personal belongings . Iv had enough to deal with this past year ,I dont need any more . But its ok ,as apparently this was all my fault anyway ...... *cough cough*

So ..... today ,I pulled down my Resources . She cannot sell what is not there . Now I understand some of you may think that unfair of me ,but Im not leaving if thats what you think ..... after some soul searching and angry rages ,I decided to re-make my preview image . You know ,the cover of my Resources that shows you what your getting ? And in saying that ,DISOWNING ,my previous preview .

Hear me out - as this is where you come in ,everytime you see my old preview image ,you know it was stolen ,everytime you see someone sell them /upload them somewhere else ,you know it wasnt by me . Im going to make a new preview image up this week and re-upload them ,but with changes - no more preview inside the pack and other things I have yet to iron out .

If you want to know who this person is ,her name is - Susana Barroso ,she is from either Madrid or Portugal ,she may even have a devart page - I havent quite investigated that one yet ,but I will let you know if its her as soon as I know . She also claims to be an Art Student . Here is her Etsy page -… - the one in which she is claiming to be me . Do what you wish with the information I have given you . Find out more if you can ,it doesnt matter if you cant though . I will find soon enough .

Now ,I know some of you will be wondering about the donations of points you gave me for my resources . NOTHING CHANGES on that front ,they are still yours . You will NOT have to re-donate again when I reupload ,my rules and tou still stand too . This change does not affect you in any way ,other than having to wait to re-download anything .

Im sorry for the hassle this is causing you all ,Im also sorry I had to do this . But I protect whats mine ,and some of that work was done by my son ,who is going through some problems in school right now ,and doesnt need to know that someone is stealing the designs he helped make .

I hope your all well ,keeping safe and taking every precaution you can afford ,to make sure you keep whats yours ,yours!

Il see you sooner than you think ,and I will be shiny new again :D be good guys xXx

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OH! And thank you by the way for all your hard work. You're super gifted and super creative. Sorry to hear about some pains you experienced in the past. I hope as time has passed, it's been easier to cope.

You're super sweet to offer people things out your gallery. You're appreciated by me and a plethora of others.

Godspeed my friend.