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Memory Pockets



PNG images - 4 PNG Elements in the pack , 2 with Realistic Pinned up Shadow (1 of each style) and 2 with No Shadows (again 1 of each style) . All done in 300 DPI :)

I made a few of these last week for my file books (in rl) , and thought why not make them digitally too :)

As of 18/10/11 my Resources now come with some simple rules .

Bullet; Green You may use my Resources for prints. You don't have to note me and ask .
Bullet; Green* You may use them for commercial purposes . But I now ask for a donations of points ,these points go back to my watchers .Any amount is most appreciated .
Bullet; Green You may post info about my resources on your site/s ,no need to contact me for permission .
Bullet; Green You may use my resources within your own deviations here on devArt or your own site/s. I do appreciate links to see your finished piece but they are not necessary nor is credit .

Bullet; Red You may not convert them for Photo-Shop . I have plans to do this in the future .
Bullet; Red You may not re-package or redistribute my resources in any way whatsoever .
Bullet; Red You may not download my files ,only to upload them on your own site! Use links directing others to my page instead please .

Due to finding a thief selling my Resources on Etsy ,I ask you to take note of my Resources TOU. Play with them and enjoy them ,and let others do the same .

Enjoy , and thank you for reading :) (Smile)
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Genius havent seen that yet want this in one of my note book thanks