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werewolf girlll by MollyCollie Welcome {F2U} by TheJanie is a walf by MollyCollie
Hello to anyone that stumbled on my page and decided to read this.
I am just an awkward Norwegian teenager who love to draw and play video games. I go to art school and one day hopes I can live on what I love to do. I mainly draw fanart, fan characters and my oc’s.
Normal People Scare Me Stamp by trinitylast Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness Night in the Woods Stamp by WinterFrostDragon I Support Jacksepticeye Stamp by Oreleth Cuphead Stamp by Fallenpeach
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my second account where I post adoptions: daydreameremmsiadopt.deviantar…
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50x50 icon commision (OPEN)I decided to open 50x50 icon commission like:  because a good amount of you wanted one. (can try half body or the hole character)
I can't do animation once, so they will be still ;w; 
they will be only 15 points 
Commission info (OPEN)Feeling a little more confident about my drawing skils, so I decided to open commission (yay). There can take some take finishing the drawing. the price will probably rice in the future.
I have the right to say no to you
dont be rude in the comments
I won't begin working until I’m paid
No refunds

I can will draw/can draw:

fandom characters
can try my best on anything -w-
I will not draw:
rule 34 stuff
Art that attacks another person
Head shot - 20 points
Simple shading (+ 10 points)
additional character (+5 points)
none: free
Simple background (+10)

Pagdolls by :iconmollycollie:


So I’m traveling to London on friday to see the Wicked musical and will be taking my sketchbook with me. I usually have no ideas what to draw when I travel, so feel free to drop your character and I might draw them ^^


  • just one character

  • don't be mad if i don't draw your character. I don't know how much freetime I will get ;w;

  • only oc. can be fandom inspired

  • I will probably have internet in the hotel so feel free to post you character when I have traveled.

Edit: I have only have this up for around one hour and there are already seven comments. I will go on a christmas trip some weeks after this, so I might carry some of the characters that I didn't draw to that tripp if there are to many comments.
Lightsnow and Pawpouse ref

Finally a proper reference sheet for my undertale oc! also the first time I post a picture of Pawpose.


Name: Lightsnow (name supposed to be a combination of lightning and light snow)

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Family: Pawpose (twin)

Species: pomeranian like dog monster

Magick/ability: Electrokinesis (control, generate and absorb electric fields and shoot lightning bolts.) and Divine lightning manipulation (create and control the brightest lightning)

Like: outdoor, being noticed, shiny jewelry, daydreaming, writing.

Dislike: being treated as a child, arguments, creepy places, scary stuff.

Prized possession: her silver bracelet with a stone she found in waterfall from the “stars”.

Personality: Light is a really trustworthy gal. she hasn't the stranger danger alarm and can easily hold a conversation with someone she has never met before. she’s really ambitious but is mostly holdt back by her wimpiness. Curiosity is something that easily take over when something is out of place. she is a bad liar and can be pretty naive. beside all that is a generous girl with a childish soul.


Light grew up in snowdin with her twin brother and parents. One day when she were around six years old some of the school bully's had surrounded and bullied here. she were without her brother and had never felt so alone. Suddenly some of the popular girls came over and scared the bullies away. Lightsnow started to look up to them and would daydream of fitting in like them. something her brother didn't quite understand. Herself and her brother only had a small group of friends, but she would love to be more like the girls that saved here. Her brother had to be her closest ab best friend if she had to choose one. she had found a love frou literature and would always have an notebook and pen with her wherever she would go. her days are filled with exploring and watching her brother playing and running around.

Random facts:

  • Nearly always seen with her brother

  • wander around with monster candy that she usually gives to her brother when he accidentally hurt himself to get his HP up.

  • Big fan of mettaton

  • usually rambling when people are talking to them

*Lightsnow - ATC 2  DF 5

*Have a good hold on her magick


Name: Pawpose

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Family: Light Snow (twin)

Species: pomeranian like dog monster

Magick/ability: Electrokinesis (control, generate and absorb electric fields and shoot lightning bolts.) and Dark lightning manipulation (create and control the darkest lightning)

Like: playing, dreaming, action, strawberry milk, chaos, sweets, being wild

Dislike: sour food, formal events, sudden changes,

Prized possession: His wooden sword -w-

Personality: Pawpose are an heroic child that will stand for what he thinks is right. he will look danger in the eyes even if he's shaking of fear. he have some kind of sense that lets him feel anxious around dangerous situations. he's full of life and have a big imagination. he will usually run around and imagine himself like a hero of the underground. He always have a reason on doing things and will newer go into action if he doesn't see a good reason for it.

Bio: Pawpose grew up in snowdin with his twin sister and parents. He never really saw the reason of being popular or being noticed and were happy with the few friends he had. He have always looked up to his dad and wants to be exactly like him. His dad crafted him a wooden sword after seeing how much he would look up to him and the other royal guards. He have always have a special little connection with his sister, and saw her as his best friend. So his days after school were filled out exploring and playing together with his sister and sometimes other friends.

Random facts:

  • Nearly always seen with his sister

  • always have bandaids with him because he usually accidentally cut or hurt himself playing.

  • Scared of humans thanks to a former human hurting his dad to were his leg couldn't recover.

  • usually taps his feet when he's bored or impation

*Pawpose - ATC 5  DF 2

*Have a loose hold on his magick (but watch out for his sword)

Birtday girl!
Happy birthday FortuneDawn !!!
Hope your day is wonderful >w<

also tried another shading, because why not.


I just finished the Delta Rune demo tingy, and OH MAN what a game that was. I can't wait for further updates on it ;w;


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Did you hear about Aphmau's latest news?
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just watched the video
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I hope that the series along with MyStreet and MyCraft that is returning is Minecraft Diaries.

And you did you see Aphmau's latest vlog?
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I really hope it will be Minecraft diaries thats returning. I would also be glad if they finished dream of estorra at some point too. 
And, yes, I saw aphmau's lates vloge. I'm so happy for them ^^
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