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Team X Sketch by DaydreamDragon371 Team X Sketch by DaydreamDragon371
The second and final part of my 6th Gen team sketches, this time I colored them in. :D
Sorry about not uploading it yesterday, I was preoccupied with playing the game instead of drawing the team. ^^;
Unlike Y, I actually have all but one of these guys since you can get Ralts, Squirtle, Bagon, and Amaura so early on in the game. Unfortunately, you can't get Zoroark for the longest time until you make it to the place where you get your last gym badge, but I'm still thrilled that several of my all-time favorites are obtainable in X and Y. So, while experimenting what the new pokemon have to offer in Y, I'm trying to make a semi-dream team in X.

Circe (Delphox): Not afraid to take risks and hard to knock down, my main partner is ready to burn the opponents into crisps. As I stated earlier, I don't like fire types that much, but it seems that the more modern fire-types seem to catch my eye a lot (like Reshiram and the previously mentioned Pyroar). Since I love foxes, I decided to choose Fennekin for X, and boy I'm glad I did. I intend to make Circe's moveset more or less based around her Psychic type half, but have the flamethrower move on standby, just in case I run into those pesky bug and steel types. I named her after the character from Generator Rex mostly (since I am a fan of that character), but it's also quite a fitting name since the original Circe was a witch from Greek mythology who turned sailors into pigs, and Delphox has a sort of shaman look to it. While as of now she's still a Braixen, I think it's safe to say that the Fennekin line has become my favorite of the fire-type starters unless Gen 7 has anything to say about it.

Sammy (Blastoise): Brave and with superb hearing, just hope that your clothes aren't dry-clean only. Some of you may already know that Blastoise is my favorite starter pokemon to ever exist, even though my very first starter was Piplup. When I saw that you could actually receive a Kanto starter in the game, I was set on using Blastoise as my water-type for X, considering what a good partner it was in FireRed and HG/SS. I always had a tradition of calling my male Squirtles Sammy, and I never bothered changing the name whenever they became Wartortles and Blastoises, so let's see, technically, this is Sammy the...6th I believe? Oh well, a Sammy is a Sammy, no matter who it is.

Confortare (Gallade): While cool and collected, Confortare tends to be a bit stubborn. I should tell you, Gallade is my all time favorite pokemon to ever exist. Sure, I can live without his pretty bad physical defense and special attack, but as I stated before, I usually don't care about a pokemon's stats as long as I like their overall appearance and behavior. Confortare's name means "courage" in Latin, which it suitable for a gallant knight such as himself. All that's left for me to say is that I can't wait to find a Dawn Stone. :D

Dreamy (Salamence): My cheerful dragon companion. Fun fact, I was originally trying to find a male Bagon when looking for one because I wanted to name him Gorm after Purple's assistant, who was a kindhearted Salamence. But I later found out that Bagons were very rare and I could only find females, so I thought: "Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without as they say". Salamence has always been a favorite of mine, mostly because it seems that Nintendo never seems to give it much love as whenever Salamence actually DOES appear in the anime, it's always with the bad guys. I always felt kinda bummed that such a magnificent creature was never thought of as good. So, I guess you can say that the main reason I like Salamence so much is because I wanted to redeem the species as a kid. I bet you all guessed that I named her after my Dragonsona, and I did. I must admit, it's a fitting name for a dragon who spent it's childhood daydreaming about flying.

Azure (Aurorus): A persistent and rebellious character, I always thought of Azure, or rather Aurorus altogether *BRICK'D*
Like Honedge, I knew I had to use the Amaura line when I first saw it on Serebii. It's design was simply breathtaking and it's type combination was unique. Since I thought that I might need an ice-type in case I ran into a dragon-type gym leader or E4 member and Dreamy wouldn't be an appropriate choice to send out, I thought that it would make a great choice for my main team (even though I could've used a Fairy type, I like Ice better). So far, I really like Azure's battle capabilities and especially her Refrigerate ability which completely destroys flying types whenever I try to train her.

Escapist (Zoroark): The only member of my team I haven't caught yet, I still have a little idea of what her personality would be. She'd be rather intelligent and relaxed, and I would imagine her constantly reading a pocket dictionary so she could learn how to talk. It's just an idea anyway, I've still got to get at least 5 more badges before I can get her I think.

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