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Keep You Safe.

By daydreaam
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"Kairi, I'll keep you safe." / "Let me keep you safe." ~ Sora / Kairi
Here's a wallpaper of the ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS Kairi, and Sora from the INCREDIBLE Kingdom Hearts. :squee::heart::heart: To be honest, I was inspired to make this not 'cause Kairi, and Sora are adorable--even though they totally are--but because I wanted to show that Kairi is, in fact, an important, and "useful" character, despite what a lot of people (ESPECIALLY after Kingdom Hearts 3) think. U_U Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and I'm not gonna argue my opinion here 'cause this ain't the place for that. ^^; With that being said, I really, truly hope that Kingdom Hearts 4 is all FFX-2-esque, and Kairi--SPOILERS!!--joins Riku to save Sora. :love:

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(Also available on my minitokyo ^^)

Feel free to use, but please don't claim as your own~
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Beautiful wallpaper of this adorable pair! Hopefully in KH4 they’ll finally get the happy ending they deserve!
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Thank you so muuch!! :heart:
And, I REALLY HOPE THEY FINALLY GET A HAPPY ENDINNNNG IN KH4!! TT^TT I want them, and Riku to happily travel the worlds together, and go back home like they planned~! :(:heart: