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The end

It doesn't even matter how hard you try
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I love it steven looks adorable to me x3
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This is amazing! I love how the colors all are so nice and go together beautifully!

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I forgot to catch up with this show I-
I need to watch XD

But it looks great! I feel emotion here QvQ 
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I love the colours and sparkles on his cheeks, everything just fits together in a really beautiful way with the mood of this! :la:
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Was there some teaser trailer that I missed or something?
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I love your use of color! Very dynamic.
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The weight of a legacy can break even a diamond.
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I love this so much. I love how the style is similar to the show but with extra details like the hair.
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Thanks so much!! ^^
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aaa thank you! :D
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oh my gosh those freckles tho
Daycolors's avatar
freckles are one of my favorite things to draw, especially glowy ones :D
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This Stupid Girly Show killed Ok K.O!
R.I.P. Ok K.O! (2018-2019)
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Y... you do realize Rebecca sugar, creator of Steven universe, is married to Ian Jones-quartey, creator of ok ko, right?
ZeroPaladinXV4's avatar
Don't try to sell me the Mistery Shack saying that is Yavin 4's Rebel Base
Daycolors's avatar
And I’m gonna cut off the clowning here y’all, no disk horse on my posts please 
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What? Dude don't be a jerk..
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