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This was what I got for the 6 (turned into 8) characters that remind you of me thing!! 

Honestly, I’m very much ok with this! in general one of my main goals has been to be as approachable as possible because I never really had friends growing up, so I want to be the friendly person that I wish I had for anyone who might need it!

I’m also a cancer (water sign) and as much as I’ve tried to overcome it, I am still probably a little shy...

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m123456789010New Deviant

awww want to check out my art it i really cute

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love art

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yoonyiaNew Deviant

their so cute!

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Your art is wonderful :love:

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gotta love the interactions between them.

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Awww how adorable💖💖
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netflixandsapphireStudent General Artist

the little backgrounds relating to each style is a very cute touch and i love all these beans

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PopflowersNew Deviant
I fricking love it!
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LunaLooChanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I know almost all these characters
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Brvideo32298Hobbyist Digital Artist
They all look amazing!
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Thank you for sharing you all your beautiful art.

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Aang: So you can bend water too? Cool

Lapis: Well you are not so bad either


Pink Diamond: So you are Steven's friend Connie?

Connie: Y-yes nice to meet you Mrs universe

Amethyst: This gets interesting ~


K.O: Nice work everyone.

(High five!!!)

Fluttershy: Ouh right! Thank you Ko.

Joy: Good one kid!

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Mlpfanalltheway156Hobbyist Writer

This is perfect! And I think that these characters actually do suit you well!

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Daycolors you do a great crossover friendship pics. I give you my respect

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CaligoMWknightHobbyist General Artist

Glad to see folk still doing these :D

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trilliondollermanHobbyist Photographer

Leave it to you to brighten up a grim time.

MonsterFan50's avatar

Very great.

LawrenceSouljah's avatar

Lapis could definitely benefit from some Aang in her life.

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Dulcechica19Hobbyist Digital Artist

I’m glad you got into the challenge

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