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Peter and The Big Bad Three pt.1


Peter Parker: Foreign Exchange Student

Peter and The Big 3

A long requested comic that finally got made. Or as a friend put it. The Big 3 give Peter an early existential crisis, lol.


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XP-310 Series
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Angsty boys bonding over shared angst.

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Looks like Peter made his first friend at Hero School

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Is that a Samurai Jack poster in the 1° part?

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for a hero he needs more help

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Okay, Peter definitely needs a hug. Mina, Momo, Felicia, please cheer him up.

Has...has Aku taken over or is that a poster?

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Take notes, Suneater, things can always be worse. I can't imagine the poor guy how would handle being around with Flash or Kong. It's so bad that even Tamaki is concerned for

Huh, poor Peter, having his rejection being turned into a meme. Makes me want to see the one with him and Monoma even more!

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I wrote the meme part because i know things are different than when i was in high school knowing how much more interwined it is with the internet. And if i was cruel heartless bully, i shudder at the arsenal now available.

Peter just has the thing i know from actual people when they have flashbacks to crappy school times. And like in real life, i've seen two bullied people find common ground and friendship in it too.

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You got a point, kids/teenagers can be the cruelest of bullies at times.

Oh yeah, survivors of those dark times, I am all to familiar with that.

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Ladies and gentlemen, Peter Parker have an epiphany.

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Sounds like Peter has more than enough experience with feeling down with himself.

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