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An Experience
She didn’t bother to put on shoes before stepping through the doorway, relishing the coolness of the damp pavement beneath her skin. She considered shoes a boundary, one meant to be crossed. Her bare feet carried her down from the front step to the grass below, greener from the constant water pouring from the sky.
To most, rain was something to hide from. To her, it was something to experience.
With no roof to serve as shelter, she was soaked within minutes in the downpour. Her hair clung to her neck and forehead, her dress hung limply around her legs; not an inch of her body was saved from the relentless shower. Yet she welcomed every raindrop that connected with skin, every bolt of lightning to greet her eyes, every thunder strike to shake her core.
Most people scoffed at the idea of dancing in the rain. But she had never been one to turn away from an experience.
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She allowed herself to step back for a moment. She stepped back, leaving her body as an empty shell so she could fly. So she could sleep on a cloud with the moon as her nightlight. So she could ride the waves of the wind and collect the stars as she went.
When she returned, all was as it should be. Her extraordinary life was no longer extraordinary; mundane, as most lives are. Except, of course, for the stars filling her pockets; a keepsake and a reminder of her journey. She would keep them forever, pressed into the pages of her favourite books.
They shined just as brightly as the stories inside them.
:iconday-dreamer-101:day-dreamer-101 1 0
When the year began, the trees looked dead. They weren’t dead, of course, but with their bare branches stretching out against the grey, sunless sky, they sure looked like it. By January, everyone was done with the holiday season, and the noticeable lack of cheery lights and jingly music made everything look dull in comparison. It was like the magic of Christmas had disappeared overnight, forcing us back into our dreary, everyday lives. “You had your fun,” the season mocked. “Now, back to work!”
When the kids shed their winter coats, the sun was warmer. The snow melted away as the rain returned, growing the grass greener and sprouting flowers up between the cracks in the pavement. The trees regained their livelihood, and the seasons bled together as the temperature rose. The sun stayed up longer, and campfires began to dot the town, keeping the same fiery light alive long into the night.
When the school bells rang once more, the seasons were distinct again.
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One Part
He fiddled with his neck pillow, fluffing it and adjusting it before settling back into his seat. He closed his eyes for a moment, if that, before fiddling with the pillow again. He reached for the packet of gum tucked into the seat pocket, purchased from a stand in the airport. He fumbled with the packaging, dropping the first piece onto the floor, before he popped one into his mouth. He chewed it quickly and aggressively, so much so that his jaw quickly grew sore.
He jerked back in his seat as the plane moved forwards, gaining speed quickly. He gripped the edges of his seat, so hard that his knuckles turned white and the tips of his fingers went numb. He kept his eyes focused on the TV screen in front of him, his destination outlined on the map.
His eyes darted to the side only once, and he took some comfort in the fact that the young woman beside him looked just as nervous as he felt. Perhaps, he mused, he was not the only one new to flying.
This wasn’t her first time on an
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The Other Girl
I watched the prince dance from afar. He moved so gracefully, and why wouldn’t he? He was born into this life, full of balls and princesses and royalty. This was second nature to him.
I shifted my focus to the grandly decorated walls, the marble columns, the high ceilings and brightly lit chandeliers. I grew up within the shadow of the palace, but this was my first time being inside. I suppose I should have considered myself lucky; lucky to be the same age as the prince, lucky to be given this opportunity to attend the annual ball. But maybe I would have been better off not knowing what the inside looked like.
My eyes drifted back down to the prince, my heart filled with the same longing I had felt the first day I saw him. He came to my family’s bakery, once; he made eye contact with me, thanked me sincerely for my pastries. My heart had fluttered, my stomach filled with butterflies, mind filled with dreams of what could be. In another life, maybe, but not this one. I could
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To Fly
There is a story told among my people, a tale of a girl who fell in love with the land dwellers. Legend says that she sold her voice to the sea gods in exchange for legs, so that she may join them in their cities and villages—but that’s where the story ends. From there, people argue of the outcome; some say she fell in love, and married human royalty. Others insist that her plan backfired, and in her heartbreak her body was turned to sea foam. This debate is one that has been going on for centuries—and one that I have no interest in.
She was foolish, that mermaid girl. The human world is disgusting and horrible, full of greedy mortals who destroy their own land, and the land of others, to advance their own selfish plans. I wouldn’t give up my voice, my fin, or anything to live with the likes of them.
But the sky, on the other hand....the sky is magical. The deep, endless blue that stretches on during the day, and the white lights that twinkle when the sun goes d
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The Truth
The mirror was her enemy. It taunted her and mocked her, highlighting every imperfection and insecurity that plagued her mind at night. She tried to bargain with it, tried to compromise, but there was no solution. There could be no way to please both parties. So instead of peace, she settled for tolerance, and her eyes learned to drift away from the reflective surface. She began to accept that what she saw and what she believed in her heart was the truth.
But one day, something strange happened. A person on the street—an acquaintance, a mere stranger—stopped her, and paid her a compliment before continuing on their way. It was this statement, this idea that she had so long believed to be false that stuck in her head, echoing through her mind the following morning. And in that moment, with that one glimmering hint of truth, she smiled, and that mirror was all at once less daunting.
She learned that she was beautiful, and the world became a brighter place because of it.
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Looking Up
When I was younger, I always stared at the ground. I watched every step I took, every spot of pavement that disappeared beneath the shadow of my foot. I took each step with precision, over and around every crack and imperfection in the cement. One two three, one two three…that’s how many strides I could take, in rhythm, within each individual square on the sidewalk. I counted them carefully. They were always exact.
As I grew older, I began looking up. I found shapes in the clouds during the day—a mermaid here, an angel there, a strange creature that resembled something of a cross between a turtle and a dragon. Come night, my gaze met the brightness of the stars, glimmering and twinkling against the blackness of the sky. My mind looked for no shapes, instead taking the stars for what they were, and dreaming of others, like me, who were looking up at the same ones.
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Her Life
When I woke up, I was living someone else’s life. My face was the same, as was my body, as was my voice, but the life that surrounded me was as unrecognizable as that of a stranger’s. My parents would not speak as much as one word to each other, my friends didn’t give me so much as a second glance, and I found myself following a routine that I hadn’t created.
I went to sleep that night with an aching heart. I was homesick, despite the fact that I was in my own bed, surrounded by my own room in my own house. While these things belonged to me, they weren’t really mine.
When I woke up, I was back in my own body. My parents had returned to their stoic silence, and my group of friends had shifted back to the social circle I had grown accustomed to over the years. But this was no longer my home.
The different aspects of my life that were once familiar now caused me pain. I missed the loving gestures and glances that I had seen between my parents while I was a
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When I was little, I thought that cars looked like people. Their headlights were eyes, and their bumpers were mouths, forever--in my eyes, at least--resembling a smile. I never put any more time and effort into the thought; whether the cars had thoughts or feelings or things to do for themselves. They were just cars, objects that surrounded us on the streets and the highway.
Now, I can see people inside those cars. I see families and couples and people sitting alone; fingers tapping the steering wheel, turning the radio dial, holding a phone up to their ear as they speak to whoever is on the other end. I see someone shoulder check before turning, as I zoom by at a hundred kilometers an hour, their face flashing in and out of my line of vision instantly. They go about their life and I go about mine, my world as unfamiliar to them as theirs is to me.
I’m not sure which thought astounds me more; the fact that this may be the only time our lives cross paths, or that they may cross ag
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Love, You
When she turned fourteen, a letter arrived for her in the mail. There was no address, either for the sender or recipient; how it arrived successfully, she wasn’t sure. But there was no mistake about the name that was written neatly on the envelope—the contents inside were for her.
She thought that the handwriting seemed familiar.
She didn’t open it, not at first. She dismissed its existence, diverting her attention to the more exciting packages wrapped in brightly coloured paper. It wasn’t until the sun had gone down, and the special day was all but over, when she found it again, abandoned on the floor. She tore the envelope open, not giving much care for its contents...until she unfolded the paper inside.
One letter, not half a page long, written neatly on a piece of lined paper torn out of a notebook. The curves in the writing mimicked hers exactly—she herself had written this letter.
Or would write it, eventually.
Smile, it said. Be
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Code Yellow
“Code yellow! Code yellow!”
I dashed through the kitchen in my mismatched socks, feet slipping and sliding across the kitchen floor. I grabbed the door frame to pull myself to a stop and poked my head into the living room, my comb still stuck halfway through my knotted head.
“Citron or sunlight?” I asked breathlessly.
“Citron,” my roommate confirmed, hands pressed to the glass as she stared down into the park below.
“Ooh, I love citron!” I winced slightly as I pulled the comb through the last of my tangled hair, crossing the room quickly and climbing up onto the window seat beside my friend. I squinted into the crowd of people below, of students and early morning commuters and dog walkers that were up and out far earlier than I would ever be. And there, coming around the corner across the street at a steady pace, was Code Citron.
He was shirtless, now that the weather was finally warming up. I could barely see the faint outline of his ear
:iconday-dreamer-101:day-dreamer-101 1 3
The boy was born from the land. His body emerged from the depths of the cold earth, his breath borrowed from the wind, the colour of his eyes as green as the leaves that sprouted up around him. His skin was brown like the bark of the trees that raised him. They spoke to him, and he understood as easily as a son understands his father.
The girl was born from the sky. Her skin was as pale as the moonlight, her hair as black as the darkest night. Her body was formed by the stars—just like the ones who spoke to her, gossiping and giggling over the actions of the humans below.
Humans like the son of the Earth, who often stared up at the stars in awe and amazement, dreaming of a world he would never know. He caught the twinkling eyes of the girl in the sky, and their love came together in an explosion of colours—orange and pink and everything in between. Their love was warm, and it was hopeful. Like the rise of a new day.
:iconday-dreamer-101:day-dreamer-101 1 3
She was singing again.
She sang every morning. I heard her sing when I was eating breakfast, as I was heading out the door for class...I even heard her through the loud pounding of the water when I was having a shower.
The walls of a college dorm are not very thick. I knew this when I applied to live here, and when I wheeled in my two bulging, crammed-to-the-point-of-exploding suitcases into the building on move in day. I shouldn’t have been surprised when, the morning after my first night in my room, I was awoken by the sound of my neighbour singing along to Let It Go from that new Disney movie.
But I was. I was surprised, I was caught off guard, but most importantly, I was irritated.
I didn’t say a word. Not when I was woken up at 6 am by the opening words of Shake It Off, not when my early morning cram session was interrupted by the chorus of Breakaway, not even when I could barely hear my mom on the phone over the belted lyrics of the Friends theme. I stayed quiet, beca
:iconday-dreamer-101:day-dreamer-101 1 3
There was a girl, once; a girl with long flowing hair, rich brown like chocolate, and captivating eyes that turned from blue to green and back again, depending on the light. Her smile as sweet as candy, her clothes bright as the sun. She caught the eye of anyone who saw her; the boys gazed at her in awe, while the girls stared on in jealousy.
People called her a princess, and while her blood may not have been blue, she had a tendency to agree. This fact did not appease the green eyed ladies surrounding her, and a day would come when they acted on their negative emotions. Words sticky in malice were thrown towards her, sharp claws scratched at her skin, and greedy palms pushed her to the ground.
But every time, she got up.  She stood, her head held high, the cruel words doing nothing but sliding off her body. Her smile remained, as sweet and as bright as ever. Their efforts had no effect on her; for she was a princess, and that belief was stronger than any lies they tried to f
:iconday-dreamer-101:day-dreamer-101 3 3


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(Wow I have like no good journal skins installed. I spent like 5 solid minutes picking one.)

OKAY SO there's still a lot of radio silence over here lmao sorry (but on the plus side I'm overly active on Twitter so like that's a thing). I'm basically just popping on by to tell you something really cool and exciting: I landed a sweet summer gig for a multinational company that will have me working in Florida for three months!

Did Florida give it away, or was that too vague? Let me clarify: I'm going to be working in Walt Disney World.

Once more, for the people in the back: I got a job in freaking Disney World.

Basically I'm participating in their Cultural Exchange Program, which is basically where university students come from all over the world on their summer break to work in the parks for approximately 3 months. My program start date is May 1st! :D

I applied back in September, and got an email in January inviting me to an interview, which was held in early February. I had to fly out to Toronto for it and everything, which made me feel super important, and I got an entire king sized bed to myself in the hotel, which is about the most luxurious thing I've ever experienced. (I had to pay for all this myself, but my air miles covered the entire cost of the hotel, so ok sign f2u  ) Then I proceeded to wait an excrutiating two weeks (and one day) until I got the email offering me the job!!

(Then there was a lot of screaming, crying, and just general Freaking Out. As one does when they land the best god damn job they've ever had.)

Anyway so I leave in like less than two months now and I'm super super SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER pumped, as you can probs imagine! It's gonna be a great time Heart 

That's about all I have for now...I'll come crawling back to update you all again eventually lmfao

Until later,

- Shteen

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