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screaming lolly logo

my screaming lolly logo ive posted another version before but its drawn in a different style improved and with a better time limit so i was thinking i might put this on a t-shirt any op-ions?
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Hahaha yess!! I love it
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I seem to recall seeing this before.  Anywho funny than, still funny now.
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its also on a tshirt design and ive had it up for a while now
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I so loved it. Is so cute and funny xD ♥
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-suddenly a peta van screeches to a halt. People with "save the animals" shirts on, start pouring out of the van with red paint buckets in their hands. They all scream in unison, as they charge toward you, "LOLLY POPS HAVE FEELINGS TO!!!!!!" and they start throwing the red paint on you like blood-
-w- hehe i love this pic. Made meh laugh =^.^=
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i started reading this and was wondering where u were going with that then i lol'd.
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I love this. You have no idea how hard I laughed when I saw it.
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great :D and thanks so much for the fave and the lovely comment :3
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cuz i wanted to a peace of ya!
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alright fine. i dont want a piece. i want the whole thing XP
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ha ha!! :lmao: love it! :nod:
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lol! very nice. :]
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