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Butcher (Silent Hill Origins)#2

The Butcher represents cruelty and sacrifice, particularly that of the Order.
The helmet that covers half of his head symbolizes a split personality.

My Cosplay of the Butcher from Silent Hill Origins/Zero

Not the best pictures, Hope you enjoy!
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Amazing!:w00t: Silent Hill Origins is really underrated, it's nice to see that game get some recognition. My friend and I were planning on putting together a Travis Grady cosplay at some point, and she's been working on a SH0-version of Lisa Garland.
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Its a fantastic game! it just came out on the wrong console at the wrong time. Everyone had PS3's and when it came out on the PS2 only 1st gen consoles could play it. I got it on my PSP 1st as the PS2 title was hard to get in the UK. Its good to see they have added it to the PSN now for £7.99. I still have my copies but if my 1st gen dies I will download it :)
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You're absolutely right! When it was first released on the PSP, lots of the fans here in the States complained it wasn't scary and atmospheric because of the small screen, but like you mentioned, when it was ported to the PS2, most people already had PS3's by that point. :/ Furthermore, it's too bad the PS2 copies are hard to find there in the UK, I never played the PSP version but I really love my PS2 version. <3 Also, it's great that you have the option to download it too! :D
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Wow! It's awesome! Could you tell me how to make it? plase! I want a cosplay like him!

:D again, good work!

bye bye
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Yeah! I made a " how to" on YouTube for both PH and the
Just head to my YouTube page, user name dax79.
I' m building a noble 6 spartan from halo reach so lookout for that video, infact I will post my helmet now!

See ya,